Hungr Announces Meal Program for Health Care Workers and First Responders

Hungr Announces Meal Program for Health Care Workers and First Responders

Essential workers take the brunt of the responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maintaining a flat curve is important, causing food delivery orders to surge. Hungr, the nationwide food delivery service, wants to harness the influx of orders for good. In April, hungr launched a new initiative for Health Care and First Responders, allowing the community to purchase meals for these vital workers.

“We know that many in the community want to say thanks for the long hours that many are putting in to test and treat this along with all the other first responders who are helping to keep us safe. This also helps local restaurants by giving them the ability to say thank you as well and stay open to serve the community,” noted Aaron Mortensen, CMO of hungr.

Each donated meal costs $10 and customers are encouraged to buy as many as they like online or through the hungr app. This method of donation helps both the restaurants that supply the meals but also the health workers who receive them. This program allows the members of the community to support businesses and say thank you to those who work tirelessly on the front lines to keep all of us safe and healthy.

For maximum efficiency, all donated meals purchased through hungr will be combined with other orders from the same business or purchased together. These meals will then be distributed together to various buildings and departments, ensuring our health workers are well fed and provided high quality meals. Because community matters, hungr plans on waiving all delivery fees for these meals. Restaurants will individually wrap all meals so they get delivered quickly and safely to all customers. Companies can also take part in these meal donations and are welcome to do so.

For more information on hungr and how to support local health care workers and first responders, please visit hungr at or download the app through the iOS or Android store.

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