Indian Grill’s Grand Opening Promises ‘Healthy Aroma’ for Buffalo Diners

The Taj Grill in Buffalo is celebrating its grand opening this spring. Specializing in North and South Indian cuisine, the eatery is no stranger to exotic aromas, but the significance of the pungent and delicious scents of curry, spice, and sizzling meats surrounding the restaurant holds deeper meaning to some. According to owner Sabi Padda, the various spices and aromas associated with each dish are thought to be beneficial in traditional Indian medicine, and essential to feelings of happiness and well-being in customers.

Ayurveda, the Hindu practice of traditional medicine native to India, makes bold claims about the association between spicy aromas and good health. Believing good food to be as important as good medicine, Ayurvedic practices emphasize the importance of finding a particular dish with the perfect spice mixture and aroma that appeals to you personally. The Taj Grill intends to make this process easy by providing both a large lunch and dinner menu, plus buffet options for those attempting to locate their perfect culinary match.

The menu’s journey across the varied and exotic cuisines of India draws influence from many traditional dishes and new favorites alike. The staple naan bread is always available, as are chicken, beef, and tofu curries. However, the Taj Grill’s menu also holds more exotic items for interested eaters, such as goat cooked in various traditional styles and breads stuffed with savory fillings.

Serving all of Western New York, The Taj Grill offers dine-in, carry-out, private rooms for parties, and catering services for outside events. The staff understands the special connection a customer may have with a particular dish, and Padda says he has complete confidence in the restaurant’s future. “Our competitive edge is the chef, the menu, the service, and our friendly place.”

Taj Grill is pleased to introduce a rich variety of North + South Indian Cuisines. What makes Indian food so unique, is the creative use of assorted spices in each dish that add exotic aromas that are proven to be healthy as described in Ayurveda. Located in Buffalo, they are proud to serve all of Western New York. For more information visit their website at