Innovator Making a Splash in restaurants after airing on “The Shark Tank”

Innovator Making a Splash in restaurants after airing on "The Shark Tank"

Entrepreneur and creator of the Vinamor, Gary DeJohn, is taking the wine industry to the next level. Earlier this year, DeJohn presented the Vinamor on ABC’s The Shark Tank, where individuals look to motivate a partnership with celebrity billionaires. Although he didn’t strike a deal there, he’s been nothing short of persistent on advancing his product. And it’s paid off. DeJohn is getting the Vinamor into circulation at the local level, state level and even receiving national recognition.

The Vinamor is unique to the wine industry. It’s a hands-free, single-glass wine aerator that is easy to use, effective and enhances the overall experience of the wine connoisseur. DeJohn conceived the idea for the Vinamor while working in a fine-dining restaurant. He wanted to create something that would be convenient for restaurant use, purposeful, and unique and fun for guest enjoyment.

The Vinamor can be seen, used and purchased in restaurants, retail shops, and online. DeJohn, though, is tenacious and determined to display them in as many restaurants, liquor stores, retail shops, online websites and trade shows as he can. Despite not receiving an offer from a ‘Shark,’ DeJohn is making his own success and taking the Vinamor to newer waters.

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