Interactive Social Games Could Be the Secret to Increasing Your Bottom Line

Interactive Social Games Could Be the Secret to Increasing Your Bottom Line

See how Buzztime’s offerings of Live Games, specifically OpinioNation, allow for social interaction and higher revenue within your location that keeps your customers coming back week after week!

What is one main component that all restaurant and bar owners are looking for? The answer, something to keep customers in their seats longer, ordering more food/drinks and having them come back week after week, month after month and year after year. This can be done through nightly happy hour specials, fabulous food and of course, entertainment. Buzztime offers something very special in that you have the ability to host you own Live Events!

Each week, bars across the US are holding OpinioNation LIVE events and seeing the growing success! Tom Ratowski, Owner of The Draft Restaurant and Sports Bar in Oceanside California hosts an OpinioNation event every Tuesday at 6:30 pm and states that “As a Sports Bar, a large majority of our clientele enjoy the thrill of sports and competition. I believe Buzztime allows my customers to fulfill their need for competition as well as social interaction.”

What is OpinioNation, you ask?

Imagine a game where you don’t need to know the right answer, only the most popular and that’s OpinioNation! Buzztime surveys thousands of people across the United States asking them a range of questions where all they simply need to do is give their opinion. It is your job to best guess their response. The game allows you to play as an individual or as a team and interact with the people around you. You will see people cheering, engaging with tables next to them, debating what the most popular answer will be and tables staying longer while ordering more in order to finish the game and end out victorious.

What is so great about the game is that it appeals to all age groups. You can be a college bar packed with a millennial crowd, a family restaurant where parents, grandparents and kids alike can join in on the fun. There are no boundaries as to who can play.

The game also encourages social interaction. OpinioNation “never fails to spur interesting conversation, as well as, friendly competition”. As there is no correct answer, only the most popular answer, OpinioNation allows for all the players to talk and deliberate with one another and have a voice.

Increase That Bottom Line!

“I believe Buzztime is an important asset to help our business thrive and helps us in achieving our goal of pleasing our customers.” Buzztime offers a variety of tools to increase your bottom line such as hosting weekly OpinioNation events, On-Demand Texas Hold’em nights, playing arcade games on the tablets or have trivia and poker streaming all day long. Each and every one of these features allow for customers to stay longer, order more and to keep coming back, which in the end helps with your ROI.

You could be a Host!

Everybody wants their fifteen minutes of fame and Buzztime allows for just that! Live Trivia Operators can be an expensive weekly addition, so why not host yourself? With step by step instructions and prompts to guide you along the way, either you or one of your vivacious employees can get on the mic each week and help to build a popular Live Event that keeps your customers coming back!

OpinioNation is Win-Win! Your customers get the thrill of coming back each week to compete against their peers in a fun and social setting, while you, the bar owner sees your bottom line increasing and your customer experience rising!

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