Is Your Favorite Restaurant Pest-Free?

Is Your Favorite Restaurant Pest-Free?A free public service is set to launch next month, which will allow patrons to check a database for dining establishments that are committed on maintaining safe, pest-free facilities.

Pest Free Environment is sharing their database with the public in an effort to educate patrons so that they may make an informed decision before choosing a restaurant.

Says owner Ruzanna Davtian, “We wanted to create an easier way for consumers to find out if their favorite restaurants were up-to-date and maintained regular pest control services. The department of health conducts unannounced inspections of restaurants and inspections where complaints have been made. However, because of the ratio of inspectors to restaurants, time prohibits them to physically inspect on a more frequent basis. There have been many unfortunate incidents where roaches or other insects were found in food about to be served to consumers. Or where rodent droppings had been found on and around food preparation areas. It is an issue that could end up being detrimental to any eating establishment once made public. We believe that monitoring regular and contracted services is not only beneficial to the patrons, but the establishment itself. As a parent and consumer, I would certainly frequent the establishments that utilized regular pest control services more often.”

Several local restaurants have already signed up as members and we are hoping this will encourage every food establishment to join PFE. Consumers can find out if their favorite dining establishment is part of the database by visiting, or checking for the PFE logo on the door or website of the restaurant.


Pest Free Environment
Ruzanna Davtian