Keep Your Bar Packed With these 2 Wacky Football Promotions

Keep Your Bar Packed With these 2 Wacky Football PromotionsBringing in football fans to your bar might seem like a no brainer. Just turn on the game and watch the customers roll in, right? But it doesn’t always work like that. Why should fans watch the game at your bar, instead of in the comfort of their own homes or at a competitor bar? And what are you doing to compete against other bars? After all, any bar can serve 25-cent wings and offer beer specials. It’s up to you to think outside the box and offer something a little more interesting. Here are two football promotions you should consider if you want to grab customers’ attention.

A truly impressive raffle.

How much would your customers buy…if they knew they didn’t have to pay for it? Customers are used to winning hats and t-shirts in raffles, but you can up the ante by raffling off something a lot more impressive. Gresso’s in Columbus, Ohio offers a raffle prize that anyone would love to receive—a fully paid tab! Of course, this promotion isn’t quite as effective if you do the raffle at the beginning of the game, so wait to announce the winner until the game is over. Customers will buy extra drinks all night just in case they don’t end up having to pay for them. Promotions that take advantage of random luck can offer your customers something they can’t get at home.

A first-hand experience.

At home, fans have their own comfortable couches and they don’t have to pay for each individual drink. But can they get up close and personal access to the game? Probably not. Offer up a contest that gives your customers something extraordinary, like Bully’s Sports Bar and Grill does. Bully’s gives away the chance to shoot the cannon at the end of the National Anthem, something most football fans could only dream about. Partner up with your local team and figure out what sort of special access you could offer. Bully’s offers its contest to military members and first responders as a way to give back to people who have sacrificed, which is also something your bar might want to consider.

When it comes to football promotions, discounted food and cheap drinks aren’t always enough. Try offering one of these big promotions and see if you can draw in more fevered football fans!

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