Layne’s Chicken Fingers Coming to Wyoming With New One-Unit Deal

Layne's Chicken Fingers Coming to Wyoming With New One-Unit Deal

The Soon to be Famous chicken franchise recently signed a Multi-unit deal with Michael Hickerson, an OG Layne’s Chicken Fingers Employee.

Layne's Chicken Fingers Coming to Wyoming With New One-Unit DealLayne’s Chicken Fingers, the Texas “born and breaded” famous chicken franchise with 13 restaurants open across the U.S. and another 113 sold, is coming to Wyoming. After building a name (and cult following) for itself in its hometown of College Station, Texas, with its laid-back guest experience and some of the crispiest chicken tenders in the state, the brand began offering franchises and quickly expanded across multiple states. Now, it has signed a One-unit deal with Michael Hickerson.

Michael Hickerson has been a loyal fan of Layne’s Chicken Fingers, the Soon-to-be Famous chicken franchise, from the very beginning. As a college student at Texas A&M, he worked in both the first and second Layne’s locations, even helping prep the building for the second location, and he still craves the iconic chicken fingers all these years later.

In fact, Hickerson loved Layne’s food so much that he decided to become a franchisee to bring his beloved southern cuisine to the Cheyenne, Wyoming, area where he and his family live. Hickerson admits that there have been a few times over the years when he thought about calling his old boss and the brand’s original owner, Mike Garratt, to see if he could open a location in Wyoming. Still, he didn’t realize how plausible this truly was until recently.

The Cheyenne deal will bring the 1st location to Wyoming with Hickerson serving as a key player in Layne’s continued expansion. Since its 2021 foray into franchising, the brand has awarded 226 restaurants to passionate franchisees and is showing no sign of slowing down. With this entry to Wyoming, Layne’s is one step closer to its goal of having 50 units open and 200 sold by 2025.

“After learning about the history of Layne’s and meeting the leadership team, I knew this was an opportunity like no other,” said Hickerson. “I’m excited to bring Layne’s to my own community and proud to be a part of an iconic brand’s takeover story.”

“We’re happy to welcome Michael to the system and know he will represent the brand well in Cheyenne,” said Chief Operating Officer Samir Wattar. “This is the first location in the state, and we’re optimistic about our growth in the market.”

Through its national expansion, Layne’s simple but delicious menu and welcoming restaurant atmosphere have helped it stand out above other competitors in the chicken market. In the over $59 billion fast food chicken segment, Layne’s finds an attractive balance between modern innovation and the proven classics, incorporating new flavors and technological advancements without losing the heart of what makes them special.

For franchisees looking to grow in the booming fast food chicken industry, Layne’s offers a standout product, a unique guest experience, and internal corporate support to encourage long-term success.

As it continues to grow, Layne’s is looking to sell out its home state of Texas and begin planting flags in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Florida.

Founded in 1994 in College Station, the original location became a Texas A&M legend known for its small-town charm, friendly service, iconic chicken fingers and secret sauce. While opening corporate locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the leadership team focused on fine-tuning its operations and starting to franchise.  Now, the company is planning to bring Layne’s Soon to be Famous Chicken Fingers to the rest of the world with plans to open 100 locations in the next four years. Learn more about franchising with Layne’s: