Leadership Management: 7 Things to Improve

Leadership Management: 7 Things to ImproveYou might use the words “leader” and “manager” interchangeably. After all, if you’re a great manager, aren’t you a great leader, too? Not necessarily! While management entails planning, coordinating, and keeping things running smoothly, leadership involves inspiring and motivating employees. Unsurprisingly, these traits work well together. The best managers are usually leaders, as well. If you want to focus on being a better manager, it’s a good idea to think about what you can do to become a better leader. Here are seven areas in which you can improve.

1. Look to the future.

Where is your bar or restaurant headed in the future? A true leader doesn’t just think about what needs to get done today; s/he thinks about what needs to get done tomorrow, next week, and years from now.

2. Think about the big picture.

In the same vein, leaders don’t get bogged down in the tiny details. Instead, they keep the big picture in mind and focus on their business’s goals and brand. Don’t get upset if an employee makes one mistake—remember to look at his/her overall work record.

3. Listen to your employees.

Do you listen to your employees, or do you simply bark orders at them? A great leader is sure to listen to what his/her employees are saying. Instead of just giving directions, make sure you ask questions. You’ll be surprised how many great suggestions your employees have!

4. Be optimistic.

This doesn’t mean you have to be unrealistic, but keeping a positive attitude is important. Few people will follow a manager with a negative, defeated attitude.

5. Model good behavior.

Leading by example is one of the best things a manager can do to inspire employees. If you want your employees to be on time, then you have to be on time. If you want them to give 110%, then you have to do the same.

6. Don’t micromanage.

As a manager, it’s your job to tell other people what to do. But as a leader, it’s your job to make sure your followers can make the right decisions on their own. Micromanaging every little task your employees have isn’t great leadership. Encourage employees to make their own decisions!

7. Give more praise.

Of course you should correct your employees when they’re wrong and show them the right way to do things. But leaders inspire, and one way to do this is by praising your employees. Don’t just notice the negative—instead, point out when your employees do things the right way.

Just because you’re a manager doesn’t mean you’re naturally a great leader. However, by paying attention to these seven key areas, you can improve your leadership skills and become a better manager.

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