Local Merchant Online Service Now Allows Easier, Faster Promotional Offer Distribution

Local Merchant Online Service Now Allows Easier, Faster Promotional Offer Distribution

GroundLevel Service Includes Mobile Option To Streamline Distribution Of Offers

GroundLevel Technologies (GLT), a leading source for real-time promotional offers, has released a service for local business owners to create, manage and publish all their promotional offers in a consumer-friendly, ultra-concise format.

Each day, local business owners and managers juggle the time-consuming yet critical task of managing promotional offers. Such offers include coupons, daily deals, discounted specials, new items, featured items, loyalty offers, specials events, delivery/pick-up offers and more. Coordinating distribution to their website, blog and social media resources makes the task even more challenging.

The GroundLevel service is an online and mobile service that allows local merchants to quickly and easily link their media accounts to a single source. The benefit is that the merchant is assured the promotional offer is as impactful as possible by reaching all visitors, followers and friends simultaneously and in real-time. The simple GroundLevel template allows the local merchant to customize each offer with an image, expiration, day/time restrictions and a link for added clout. To learn more, click here: https://www.groundleveloffers.com/About/HowItWorks

“More than ever consumers are looking for promotional offers and that means a local business must be smart and diligent about getting their offers out the door to all their media options.” says Ian Carswell, GLT Chief Operating Officer. “At the very least, each promotional offer needs to be consistently presented on their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. That’s exactly how our service helps.”

With GroundLevel, business owners and managers have the option to create and publish offers directly from their mobile phone in real-time and schedule a publish date/time in the future. Promotional offers can also be simultaneously published on SpecialsAgent, the consumer portal for local merchant offers.

GroundLevel Technologies is a premier source for real-time, location-enabled data collection and management of local merchant promotional offers. The merchant portal (GroundLevelOffers.com) enables offers to be managed and published to merchant accounts as well as to consumers via SpecialsAgent. Based in Evanston, Illinois, GLT delivers an online and mobile service via a team experienced in technology solutions and the promotion marketing industry.

Dermid J. Eagen
GroundLevel Technologies