Loyalogy Announces Online Analytic Dashboard for Loyalty Programs and Loyalty Program Tune-Up Service

Loyalogy, a leading provider of loyalty program analytics and consulting and publisher of the LoyaltyPulse research study, today announced its new Online Analytic Dashboard and its Loyalty Program Tune-Up service.  The Dashboard product provides online interactive access to key loyalty program metrics and the Tune-Up service provides an in-depth analytic review of an existing program and a roadmap with specific strategic and tactical recommendations.

“The Dashboard and Tune-Up are two products that our clients have found invaluable.  They help companies obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of their loyalty program and a long-term roadmap for the future,” said Dennis Duffy, founder and President of Loyalogy.

“Over the years we’ve found that many companies have sparse loyalty program metrics they monitor consistently over time.  Others produce a variety of spreadsheet reports with loyalty metrics that are e-mailed around their company on a weekly or monthly basis but have no consistent or effective tool for looking at trends over time.  The Dashboard provides better analytics in an interactive tool that people through the organization can use to understand customer behavior,” continued Duffy.

Loyalogy Announces Online Analytic Dashboard for Loyalty Programs and Loyalty Program Tune-Up Service

The Dashboard tool was developed specifically with location-based loyalty programs in mind.  Since Loyalogy is heavily focused on the restaurant industry, the company focused on the needs of restaurant loyalty program operators in the development phase.  However, this tool is also quite relevant to other location-based business categories that operate customer loyalty programs such as retailers and hotel chains.

“The Tune-Up service is something we’ve provided for years but there’s been so much demand for it most recently that we’ve announced it for companies who need such a service but may be unaware that it exists.  We find that companies who operate a loyalty program for a period of time reach the point after a year or so at which they need an in-depth assessment of how their program is working with comparisons to industry benchmarks and best practices.  The result is a comprehensive report and roadmap that clients find incredibly enlightening and helpful,” said Duffy.

More information on the Dashboard is available at the Loyalogy website.  Companies can set up a free account to use the Dashboard with sample data.  More information on the Tune-Up service is also available at the Loyalogy website.  To discuss these or other services provided by Loyalogy please contact the company through their website.

Founded by Dennis Duffy, with more than twenty years of experience developing, managing and analyzing customer loyalty programs, Loyalogy provides loyalty program development, consulting, project management and database analysis services to restaurant companies.  For more information, visit www.loyalogy.com.