Lunch, Dinner or Snack: Whataburger Introduces Whatachick’n Bites

Beginning today at 3 p.m., Whataburger fans with a hankering for chicken can satisfy their cravings with the chain’s newest menu item – Whatachick’n Bites. And with a variety of sauces and dressings to choose from, customers can dunk or dip the lightly breaded, bite-sized morsels to suit any mood or meal time.

Whatachick’n Bites, made with 100 percent all white-meat chicken breast, come in six- and nine-piece Whatameals complete with Texas Toast, a medium drink and medium fries. For the little ones, guests can order the four-piece Whatachick’n Bites Kids’ Meal with fries or apple slices, a small drink and snack. Guests in the mood for a snack can also order the six- or nine-piece Whatachick’n Bites a la carte. “Fans are going to love our Whatachick’n Bites and the wide variety of dipping sauces,” said Whataburger Group Director of Marketing Rich Scheffler. “The new Whatachick’n Bites combine our wholesome, fresh chicken with a unique combination of dipping sauces in a cup that makes them easy to enjoy.”

During taste testing, Whataburger fans were already singing the praises of the new Whatachick’n Bites. Testers commented on how they could taste the difference in the high-quality real chicken as well as the crispy golden brown breading. Fans were quick to note how using real chicken made each Whatachick’n Bite more juicy and flavorful. One respondent noted, “now this tastes like real chicken – real meaty.”

Families also loved the variety of portion sizes, allowing them to mix and match orders or share larger portion sizes, depending on the time of day and size of the family.

Guests can enjoy their Whatachick’n Bites with Whataburger’s wide variety of dipping sauces, now available in convenient 2-ounce cups similar to the famous Fancy Ketchup. The new dipping sauce cups include Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Original Cream Gravy, and introducing Creamy Pepper sauce, as featured on the much loved Whataburger Patty Melt.

Additionally, Whataburger’s salad dressings are now available in the convenient cups, including Buttermilk Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, Low Fat Vinaigrette and Thousand Island.

Nutritional information for the all-new Whatachick’n Bites, dipping sauces or any other Whataburger menu item can be found online at