ManageXpress Introduces New Restaurant System

ManageXpress, a cloud computing business enterprise that includes the following modules: accounting, sales, inventory, help desk, hotel and a restaurant, all fully integrated.

The restaurant system supports most types of sales such as walk-in, catering, room service, airline catering and more. It is fully integrated with other optional modules: accounting, customers, vendors, inventory, hotel management module and help desk.

All restaurant sales will be automatically recorded in the daily general ledger. Your balance sheet and income statement will be ready to be generated on a daily basis.

The restaurant module contains three options for food ordering:

  1. Waiter/waitress can use tablet devices to take orders. Order will be displayed on computer terminals in the kitchen or food processing area. Larger restaurants may have multiple food processing and may need to install more computer terminals.
  2. Self ordering via Kiosks stationed in restaurant corners. For security reason, each customer gets a unique code to place orders.
  3. Self ordering via mobile devices where each customer gets a unique code and places orders.

The three new ways in restaurant ordering will reduce delays and speed up orders to be displayed in the kitchen terminals. With self ordering, customers will not need to wait for the waiter/waitress to add additional salad, they just add it to their tab and it will be instantly on the kitchen screen.

Customers and especially the new generation will love and enjoy ordering from their mobile devices. There will be stickers / decals provided by ManageXpress to be displayed on restaurant windows indicating they offer the new technology. The technology attracts more customers to restaurants. The restaurant module can be configured to let customers make reservations from their mobile devices or web browsers.

Feel free to explore the business enterprise by visiting then click on Demo Account to have closer look and feel of the system. You can even create a new account and try it with whole new configuration.

The benefits of ManageXpress:

  • 20% time saving
  • Over 30% cost reduction
  • Attract more customers
  • Process tracking and accuracy
  • Monitoring from anywhere in the world

ManageXpress is looking for customers in Orange County, CA to join the pilot program. If interested please contact us via our website: or

The benefits of the pilot program:

  • Free usage of ManageXpress
  • Free implementation
  • Free support
  • Free customization