MarketMan Integrates with Square to Streamline Restaurant Inventory Management

Cloud Based System Simplifies Processes, Saves Time and Money Through End-To-End Supply Chain Solution

MarketMan Integrates with Square to Streamline Restaurant Inventory ManagementMarketMan, the cloud-based restaurant inventory management platform, today announces a new integration with the Square point-of-sale (POS) platform to help further unify and streamline procurement and inventory solutions across the industry. The results of a recent case study conducted in conjunction with Square, US Foods and Ohio based restaurant chain Mr. Chicken illustrate how MarketMan’s simple, flexible model helps growing restaurant chains better predict and control inventory costs, reduce food waste and, ultimately, increase their bottom line profits.

“We’ve worked with thousands of restaurants and hospitality brands around the world, and we’ve grown quickly by partnering with the most advanced technology vendors and suppliers in the industry,” said Noam Wolf, CEO of MarketMan. “With established brands like Square and US Foods as partners, we knew it was important to be able to illustrate just how well MarketMan works to streamline ordering, inventory and Accounts Payable operations. That’s why we’re so thrilled to share the results of our first U.S. case study from Mr. Chicken, which shows just how efficient MarketMan truly is.”

MarketMan is an advanced inventory and supply chain management system whose software integrates directly with a restaurant’s point of sale system and interacts with suppliers, allowing the restaurant owner or operator to save time and money while reducing waste and theft. The cloud-based system was developed in Israel, where it is utilized by more than 30 percent of all leading restaurant chains and food vendors, from Coca-Cola to Unilever. The software was recently introduced into the U.S. market and is rapidly expanding in market share.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to integrate our system with others to help sellers increase sales,” said Pankaj Bengani, Partnerships Lead at Square. “Our integration with MarketMan helps restaurants understand profitability by giving insight into food cost and emphasizes the strength of Square as a platform.”

Using the Square point-of-sale app in conjunction with MarketMan has allowed Mr. Chicken to automate inventory, save time with vendors and have real-time views of costs. The integration with MarketMan and Square has allowed for sales tracking, and ultimately, a detailed log of remaining supplies for management, streamlining back of house operations and translating to fewer late nights and early mornings counting inventory. The system automatically receives and reconciles invoices in one central place, consolidating a once fragmented experience into a one-stop shop for all things inventory related.

Mr. Chicken adapted MarketMan into all eight of its high-volume restaurants, which were already using Square’s point of sale and US Foods as the main supplier. With the addition of MarketMan, Mr. Chicken saw significant improvement in some of the costliest processes within the restaurant field. The accurate inventory list helped Mr. Chicken not only reduce the costs associated with food shrinkage, but also minimize the amount of loss and theft due to negligence. Mr. Chicken was ultimately able to streamline its supply chain in a way that is typically on seen within large corporations with the resources build robust supply chain operations from scratch.

“We’re pleased by the results we’ve achieved by integrating MarketMan into our supply chain,” said William Horton, General Manager of Mr. Chicken. “It has saved us thousands of dollars in inventory and payroll, and will help us grow at a steadier pace. MarketMan allows us to apply and track company specific metrics to analyze supply and menu pricing data, which is applied into our decision-making process.”

MarketMan is a dynamic, cloud-based inventory management and purchasing solution focused on streamlining procurement, delivery, accounting, and profitability across the food and beverage industry. MarketMan’s platform provides advanced order management analytics that track the cost of goods sold, document purchase history and help automate inventory purchasing. By facilitating closer collaboration between foodservice operators and suppliers, MarketMan helps businesses both streamline processes and save money. Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2013, MarketMan now has offices in London, the San Francisco Bay Area and maintains its global headquarters in New York City. For more information or to inquire about partnering with the platform, please visit

Mr. Chicken is a Hometown, Family Favorite fast casual restaurant specializing in fresh, farm raised chickens that go from farm to restaurant in just two days with 8 locations around the greater Cleveland area.