MarketMan Revolutionizes Restaurant Inventory Management with Streamlined Software Solution

Cloud Based System Rapidly Expands U.S. Market Share, Connects Operators, Vendors and Suppliers

MarketMan Revolutionizes Restaurant Inventory Management with Streamlined Software SolutionMarketMan, the cloud-based inventory management and purchasing solution that streamlines the relationship between restaurant operators and suppliers, is mounting an aggressive push for new market share across North America. Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2013 by entrepreneurs Noam Wolf, Igal Wolf and Or Mintz, MarketMan is now building on its rapid Middle Eastern and European success through partnerships with major restaurant groups across the U.S. market.

Building on more than a decade of experience spent pioneering mobile apps and technology development globally, Wolf set out to close a gap in the restaurant industry that remains a well-recognized problem to most restaurant operators in the U.S. While exciting technological advancements have vastly improved front-of-house operations and customer experience, back-of-house operations driving have largely remained stagnant, reliant on outdated phone, mailed or even faxed order forms and invoices, slowing down operations for the entire restaurant. With most restaurant operators sourcing inventory by word of mouth, paying with checks and ordering from up to a dozen different suppliers, Wolf quickly honed in on a solution designed to minimize time spent manually composing orders, resulting in over-ordering and wasted funds.

By seamlessly connecting the silos between operator and vendor through streamlined software, MarketMan allows restaurant operators to reduce both food costs and inventory management time, all through an easy-to-use cloud-based platform. Since its creation four years ago, MarketMan has enabled its restaurant clients to realize an average of 2-5% reduction in food costs within the first year. Time saved on orders is even more impressive, with MarketMan clients reporting an average boost in order efficiency by up to 50%, on average, thanks to MarketMan’s integrated ordering platform, which allows day to day operations to migrate seamlessly between multiple vendors and suppliers with no disruption.

“MarketMan allows both restaurant owners and suppliers to streamline supply chain management in one single, convenient place, and in the process, solves one of the industry’s biggest challenges” said Wolf. “Talk to just about any restaurant owner and you’ll find them dealing with manual, disorganized processes that are prone to errors. In many cases, owners have no idea how efficient or profitable their operations really are. MarketMan solves that problem instantly, and in the process, helps to level the playing field. Single unit restaurants and smaller chains now have the same opportunity to be fully efficient in their back-of-house as a bigger name chain that might have more collective buying power.”

Because MarketMan is cloud based, implementing it as a solution is quick and easy. Through MarketMan, Mr. Chicken, an 8-unit U.S. based restaurant chain, has fully unified and streamlined procurement and inventory, utilizing the platform’s partnerships with point-of-sale systems (POS) like Square and suppliers like U.S. Foods. With Square’s POS platform enabled through MarketMan, Mr. Chicken operators get access to advanced analytics showing them real-time costs while simultaneously automating inventory orders through suppliers like U.S. Foods. These small changes have eliminated late nights and early mornings reviewing inventory, replacing them with automatically reconciled invoices stored in one central place in the cloud. The resulting consolidation takes the fragmented experience that once cost Mr. Chicken both time and money and replaces it with a far more predictable back-of-house.

“We’re extremely pleased by the results we’ve achieved by integrating MarketMan into our supply chain,” said William Horton, General Manager at Mr. Chicken. “This platform has saved us thousands of dollars in inventory and payroll, and is helping us to grow at a steadier pace. MarketMan allows us to apply and track company specific metrics to analyze supply and menu pricing data, which we apply to our decision-making process.”

With more than 2,000 customers worldwide, and a new global headquarters in New York City, MarketMan is now positioned for a rapid push for new U.S. market share in 2017. The brand is now focused on establishing partnerships with restaurant owners and ownership groups across the country.

“For years, restaurant operators focused on the more visible pain points in the front of house, while ignoring the disconnected state of their operations behind the scenes,” said Wolf. “Restaurant operators are becoming savvier now, and most know they need to use technology to stay competitive.  MarketMan is poised to revolutionize how all restaurants approach back-of-house efficiency and we look forward to creating a more streamlined and efficient industry in the years to come.”

MarketMan is a dynamic, cloud-based inventory management and purchasing solution focused on streamlining procurement, delivery, accounting, and profitability across the food and beverage industry. MarketMan’s platform provides advanced order management analytics that track the cost of goods sold, document purchase history and help automate inventory purchasing. By facilitating closer collaboration between foodservice operators and suppliers, MarketMan helps businesses both streamline processes and save money. Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2013, MarketMan now has offices in London, the San Francisco Bay Area and maintains its global headquarters in New York City. For more information or to inquire about partnering with the platform, please visit