Mooyah Cooks Up a Tasty Marketing Strategy

Burger chains do not exactly exist in an uncompetitive market place. There are the ultra-convenient one-in-every-mall fast food joints like McDonald’s and Burger King. And there are the sentimental, often regional, favorites like In-N-Out and Culver’s.

For growing burger brands like Mooyah, the answer is customer engagement. The Plano, TX-based fast-casual chain currently has 49 restaurants nationally, and projects 60 over the course of the year spanning from coast to coast.

“We need CRM tools that let us speak to our guests often and test messaging,” says Mooyah Director of Marketing Alexis Barnett Gilette. The company has a specific focus: Most of its brand messaging caters to women and their families. Its recent strategies incorporate both email and mobile to drive engagement and traffic.

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