MustHaveMenus Celebrates 15,000 Independent Restaurants Helping Make Local Search Better Through the Kitchen

MustHaveMenus Celebrates 15,000 Independent Restaurants Helping Make Local Search Better Through the Kitchen
Restaurants Using First True Menu Management Platform For Designing and Printing Tabletop Menus, As Well As The New Demands of Marketing Their Menus Online today announced that its “Kitchen Calls The Shots” menu management platform is catching on, surpassing the 15,000 restaurant mark.  MustHaveMenus makes it easy for restaurateurs to create and update beautiful menus on and offline which increases the accuracy of local search results.  Menus are sales and marketing engines for restaurants, whetting appetites, communicating uniqueness, and building loyalty.  Prior to MustHaveMenus, restaurateurs needed a costly and time-consuming process to coordinate the different steps of designing, printing and publishing their updated menus. In addition, restaurants have had to cope with technology companies crawling the Web, finding and presenting wrong and outdated menu data. MustHaveMenus makes it easy for restaurateurs large and small to take control of their brands and food items online as part of their ordinary in-house menu creation process.

“At MustHaveMenus, our customers send menus to the Internet straight from the kitchen, ensuring the most up-to-date menus and specials possible, while keeping the voice and brand that makes them unique,” stated Jim Williams, CEO of MustHaveMenus.  “By building strong customer relationships within the $600 billion dollar restaurant market, we intend to make local search the just-in-time experience it was meant to be for restaurant patrons.  We are convinced that the restaurants need to call the shots, not the crawlers and bots with their data scraping techniques.”

MustHaveMenus Customers Are Very Hands On

The value of tying the online menu to the tabletop menu has been striking for MustHaveMenus, as its restaurant customers average more than 23 site visits per month, totaling almost 400,000 visits per month. This ensures that menus published to Facebook, restaurant websites and other online locations are absolutely up to date when they come from MustHaveMenus.  Busy restaurant owners and staff not only save time and money making their frequent updates from the all-in-one platform, they also rave about the beautiful designs that MustHaveMenus offers.

“Tapenade is a French restaurant where the timeless classic bistro dishes stand alongside the newest culinary seasonal creations, it is a challenging menu duality” says Jean-Michel Diot Owner and Award Winning Chef at Tapenade Restaurant and Fine Catering. “It is very important that all of our various menus match our atmosphere and properly display our unique and seasonal dishes. MustHaveMenus has made the design and updating process simple and easy. We have been very pleased using MustHaveMenus for the last 18 months to update our lunch, bistro, dinner and wine lists every 2-3 weeks for print, online and for Facebook. Their customer service has been magnifique.”

Restaurants Return On Investment

For $15 per month, MustHaveMenus’ customers are able to reduce multiple costs and save time while creating beautiful menus that truly speak to the cuisine and experience they offer consumers:

Save Time on back and forth with a graphic designer, eliminate trips to the printer, reduce requests to the web technicians.

Save Money paying a graphic designer, paying a web developer, paying for online marketing, paying for printing.

Better Marketing maximizing Facebook, increasing local search results, building your brand through great design and continuity online and in-store.

Simplicity with one-click updates, easy one-page dashboard, restaurant-friendly tools.

Satisfied Patrons based on up-to-date menus from accurate local search results getting their expectations met.

MustHaveMenus enables Restaurateurs to save time and money while creating and updating artistic menus on and offline.  MustHaveMenus, headquartered in Ashland Oregon, launched from the Letters & Arts incubator in 2011 and subsequently landed $1MM in Angel funding.  Executives and advisors of MustHaveMenus have a long history of successful ventures such as HotelTonight, MarketHome, LoveToKnow, and more. The Mission of MustHaveMenus is to bring great restaurants and hungry customers together.  For more information, please visit

Jamie Diamond