MyMenu Concierge: Good for Your Restaurant, Good for Guests, Good for the Planet

MyMenu Concierge: Good for Your Restaurant, Good for Guests, Good for the Planet

No cost to restaurants for this industry-wide revival initiative

Healthy Dining’s team of dietitians invites restaurants not yet signed up for MyMenu Concierge to sign up here. There is no cost, at this time, for restaurants to be featured in MyMenu Concierge. All sizes and types of restaurants and cuisines, from coast to coast, are invited to showcase a selection of their menu choices. For more information, visit or contact:

MyMenu Concierge empowers consumers to find restaurants offering menu items aligned with their personal health goals and lifestyle values. MyMenu users can set and save preferences ranging from:

  • ‘Nutrient Levels’ such as calories, carbs, protein, sodium, and others
  • ‘Eating Styles’ such as vegan, vegetarian, and/or keto
  • ‘Made Without’ such as without gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, and others
  • ‘Planet Health’ showcasing restaurants’ eco-focused initiatives

“MyMenu is designed to help restaurants better serve their guests – and thus gain long-term loyalty – by giving guests the transparency information they need, in an easy, tech-savvy, and personalized way,” says Anita Jones-Mueller, MPH, CEO of Healthy Dining. Healthy Dining’s dietitians help restaurants offer accurate nutrition and allergen information so guests can trust and enjoy their dining experience.

Healthy Dining is a health and wellbeing technology company with the vision to make a powerful impact on personal, population and planet health. Our vision comes to life by uniting the food and restaurant industry with millions of Americans who want healthier food and transparency information, such as nutrients, allergens, ingredients, claim validations (vegan, organic, etc.), sourcing, and impact of food on planet sustainability. Healthy Dining offers the groundbreaking MyMenu Guest Platform technology system, MyMenu Concierge personalization app, and nutrition services including menu labeling compliance, nutrient analysis, allergen identification and related consulting. For more information, visit Healthy, or contact or call 858.541.2049.