Nathan’s Famous Partners With Online Marketplace Platform, Goldbelly

Nathan's Famous Partners With Online Marketplace Platform, Goldbelly

Nathan's Famous Partners With Online Marketplace Platform, GoldbellyNathan’s Famous, Inc., the American tradition serving New York favorites for more than 100 years, today announces its partnership with Goldbelly, the online marketplace that connects iconic food brands to consumers around the country. Through this partnership, Nathan’s Famous fans throughout the U.S. will have access to a few of Nathan’s Famous favorite meals beginning June 3.

Nathan’s Famous will offer three meal kit options through Goldbelly, including its iconic hot dogs and fries, an American staple for more than 100 years. Other meal options include the NY Cheesesteak by famed meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda, and the Pastrami and Swiss Hero, both of which are shipped with Nathan’s crinkle-cut fries.

“We hear it almost daily from customers around the country, ‘How can I get my hands on my favorite Nathan’s meals,’ and this partnership gives us the ability to continue to serve our U.S. customers anywhere they are,” states James Walker, Senior Vice President, Restaurants at Nathan’s Famous. “The past few months have proved to be a difficult time for both restaurants and their customers, many of whom aren’t able to partake in their favorite restaurants due to closures, lack of delivery options, and more. We felt it was important to continue to explore ways to give our customers what they want when they want it, and the Goldbelly partnership is just another way for us to do that.”

The Nathan’s Famous meal kits will come with everything the customer needs to recreate the iconic meals they love at home, including items to make the main dish, all the fixings and the brand’s popular crinkle-cut fries as a side option. Cooking instructions will also show fans a glimpse into how Nathan’s items are prepared.

“Nathan’s Famous represents the type of regional food that customers come to Goldbelly hoping to find,” states Frank Luciano, Chief Business Officer at Goldbelly. “Food that people have an emotional connection to; whether it’s a hometown favorite from their youth or just something they’ve always dreamed of tasting, food can instantly transport them to a very special place. Those feelings are always magical, but that emotional connection is now more powerful than ever and Goldbelly is honored that we get to help take them there.”

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