Natural Epicurean Tackles Food Crisis

Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts is proud to announce their curriculum now tackles world food issues. Rich Goldstein, CEO of The Natural Epicurean says it “We want our students to connect to the food they are cooking on several levels. We have always taught the health benefits of what the students are cooking, but now we are also putting a bigger emphasis on the serious issues affecting the food industry.”

This includes:

  • GMOs: A solution to world hunger and malnutrition vs. a threat to biodiversity, culture, and farmers
  • Culinary School Seeks to Change the Food Industry One Student at a TimeCost of Food (financial and social): Safeguarding fair labor practices and wages vs. ensuring affordability for consumers
  • Food Waste: Liability issues & health risks vs. repurposing
  • Raw Food Safety: Pasteurizing for safety vs. supporting cottage industries
    • Ex.: Raw milk controversy
  • Food Deserts: Efficacy of opening health food stores (such as Ingredients) vs. initiating community projects (such as community gardens) in low-income areas
  • Economic Accessibility: Local and organic food movement vs. exclusion of those who cannot afford local/organic.

Goldstein has a Masters Degree in Public Health so these issues are near and dear to his heart.

Students will start learning these important topics when the profession program begins June 30th.

To interview Goldstein or connect with any of the students, please contact:
Cindi Avila

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