Natural Epicurean Welcomes New School Director & Expands to New Orleans

Natural Epicurean Welcomes New School Director & Expands to New Orleans
Dr. Betty Edmond

Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts, one of the nation’s leading healthy cooking schools, is proud to announce that Dr. Betty Edmond has joined on as school director.

Dr. Edmond is a physician who has been providing healthcare in the Austin community since 1984. She first worked as a Pediatric Infectious Disease Consultant and then as a Senior Executive at SETON, serving as Medical Director of the Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Edmond’s ties to the school run deep, she says “About 10 years ago, my daughter and I experienced changes in our health and decided to attend Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts, a culinary school dedicated to teaching people to learn to cook in a way that enables them to heal themselves and maintain health through well-prepared nutritious foods.”

She goes on to say “I’m excited to join a school that will help me combine my love of healthcare and food. I most enjoy continuing my commitment to healthcare by sharing knowledge and experience about the incredible power of food to improve health.”

Another bit of exciting news, former school director Gretchen Upshaw has now been named Director of National Development. This role is based in New Orleans where Natural Epicurean will be offering culinary health coaching services and programs, as well as a series of pop-up dinners and events. An open house will introduce Natural Epicurean to the New Orleans community on November 18th, with a Vegan Thanksgiving Feast planned for Thanksgiving Day.

“We love the Austin community, but see a great need for our services outside of Texas as well,” said Rich Goldstein, CEO for Natural Epicurean. “For this reason we have decided to offer services on a national level as well.”

Expansions in other cities will follow at later dates.

Natural Epicurean Welcomes New School Director & Expands to New OrleansThe Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts (NEACA) is the premier educational institution where culinary professionals can build a career around the inherent synergies that converge between food, diet, and health. Offering professional culinary arts training, distance learning and informal classes devoted to conscious cooking and a plant-based diet, NEACA draws upon ancient traditions and modern approaches to using whole food for healthy eating. The Natural Epicurean curriculum draws from traditional Eastern diets, including macrobiotics and ayurveda, as well as a number of Western approaches to healthy eating including vegetarian, vegan, and raw foods. The programs emphasize locally available and seasonally based foods in their natural and unprocessed state with an equal emphasis on pleasing the senses and promoting health. For more information, visit or call (512) 476-2276.

Natural Epicurean is located at:
1700 South Lamar
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