NetWaiter Launches Broadcast Hub to Support Local Restaurants’ Social Media Efforts

NetWaiter Launches Broadcast Hub to Support Local Restaurants' Social Media Efforts

NetWaiter Launches Broadcast Hub to Support Local Restaurants' Social Media EffortsNetWaiter is proud to announce the relaunch of their improved Broadcast Hub, a one-stop communication tool that allows restaurants to reach new and loyal followers on a range of social networks and through their customized NetWaiter App, all from one convenient location.

Featuring one-click integrations with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the NetWaiter Broadcast Hub provides restaurants a simple, intuitive way to bring one of the largest networks of restaurants and patrons to your fingertips, which is all controlled and managed from a restaurant’s NetWaiter Management Console.

Once you’ve setup an account with NetWaiter, configuring the Broadcast Hub is a one-time process that only takes seconds for a restaurant owner or manager. A restaurant’s Broadcast Hub is automatically linked to the restaurant’s individual NetWaiter site, the NetWaiter Network, which is a collection of nearby restaurants and thousands of customers, and to the restaurant’s unique App, which is automatically provided by NetWaiter.

Every restaurant owner knows how valuable their time is and how much can be wasted trying to keep customers informed and attracting new business. We recognize the opportunity to give restaurants back this time, to focus on their restaurant. Once a post is made in the Broadcast Hub, it instantly and seamlessly posts to the linked social media sites, a restaurant’s NetWaiter Site, and NetWaiter’s network, which can reach thousands of local customers. It also pushes notifications to customers’ phones and computers, in real-time, making sure customers get a restaurant’s message before making a dining decision.

This exciting tool is NetWaiter’s way of helping restaurant owners and managers make the most of their busy schedules, without compromising their ability to share announcements, new dishes, menus changes, promotions, and more with local customers. It’s never been easier to attract new customers and keep loyal customers informed on their phones, tablets, and computers in real-time and all at the click of a button.

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