New Red Robin Survey Reveals 73% of Children Wish They Had More Time to Connect With Their Family

New Red Robin Survey Reveals 73% of Children Wish They Had More Time to Connect With Their Family

Restaurant Chain’s New Marketing Campaign “All the Fulls” Comes to Life with Play “Full” Events to Inspire Meaningful Family Connections Around the Dinner Table

New Red Robin Survey Reveals 73% of Children Wish They Had More Time to Connect With Their FamilyConnecting with the next generation has never been more challenging; between social media and attention spans shrinking, the typical American dinner experience is constantly changing. In fact, the average American family spends just 37 minutes of quality time together per weekday. However, new research from Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews suggests an optimistic future ahead: the new “Full of Family” survey found both parents and children are craving more time to connect with their family.

In honor of Red Robin’s new marketing campaign, “All the Fulls,” the casual dining chain commissioned a OnePoll survey to find out what kids today really want and is encouraging guests, big and small, to connect with one another by showing off their playful side. The survey found 70% of parents wish they had more time to connect with their children, and 73% of children wish they had more time to connect with their parents – providing an opportunity for Red Robin to bring the family together over a craveable menu and invaluable experiences.

“Red Robin has long been a place for families to connect, and we want our restaurants to be a place for families to bond and find moments of joy,” said Jonathan Muhtar, executive vice president and chief concept officer at Red Robin. “We create memorable experiences in-restaurant all year long, and the August theme nights are a fun way for us to invite kids and their families to celebrate the survey findings.”

Today’s families are up against steep competition for attention, whether around the dinner table or beyond. Even though 75% of parents reported they understand their child’s interests, 44% of children feel their parents don’t understand social media, 40% don’t think they understand today’s music or movies, and one third (33%) think they don’t understand what it’s like to be a kid today. Things are looking up, however: Red Robin is here to help by encouraging moments of connection.

Based on the survey results, Red Robin is celebrating play “full” days in-restaurant every Thursday in August to encourage connections and conversations. Families that come in-restaurant for the theme days should be on the lookout for Red Robin team members to showcase their connections. More details on the theme days can be found at 


The Full of Family survey showed that parents and children are ready to show their playful side.

  • Blood is thicker than water: nearly half (49%) feel closer and more connected to their family over their friends and 79% wish they could spend more time with their parents.
  • There are several activities kids identified as those they wish they could do more of with their parents: including exercise (36%), playing sports (35%) and going to the beach (37%)
  • On average, 71% of kids surveyed wish they had more one-on-one time with their parents.
  • More than half of kids surveyed (52%) think that ordering the meals for their family would make going out to dinner more interactive and help them connect with their parents.
  • Nearly 60% of kids surveyed wished they could decide the order of the meal (dessert first!) when ordering out with their families.

Red Robin’s “All The Fulls” marketing campaign launched in July and will run through the end of 2019. The campaign features a television spot supported by radio, out-of-home, digital, email, direct mail, PR, social and influencers.

To find participating locations hosting the playful days, contact your local Red Robin for details. For more information on the campaign and to find the restaurant location nearest you, visit

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