NTC attends Coalition of Franchisee Associations Forum

NTC attends Coalition of Franchisee Associations Forum
National Tax Credit active in The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) Forum “Shaping the Future of Franchising

National Tax Credit staff participated July 9 &10 in The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) “Shaping the Future of Franchising” Forum in Washington DC.

Founded in 2007, the CFA is comprised of franchisee association leaders dedicated to the development and growth of their own organizations. CFA members include independent franchisee associations from 17 well-known brands, representing more than 30,000 franchise owners with 70,000 locations, and employing more than 1.3 million individuals across the nation.

NTC has always been pro-active with policy that makes our Franchisee Clients/Partners’ ability to do business easier without burdensome regulations and promote beneficial hiring programs.

As a national provider of tax credit processing, NTC was there to help lobby Lawmakers to give certainty to New Hire Tax Credits (WOTC) and Federal Empowerment Zone (EZ) designations.

“The CFA Day Forum is beneficial to both attendees and those in Washington, D.C.,” said Misty Chally, CFA Executive Director. “In addition to providing valuable business and legislative information to franchisees, the Forum brings awareness to those on Capitol Hill. We are able to illustrate how decisions made in Congress affect small business owners.”

Issues such as immigration, tax reform, and health care reform impact all franchisees—regardless of the brands they represent. When franchise owners sit down to talk about issues with members of Congress, they make it clear the issues impact their bottom line and their ability to create jobs.

This year, CFA held a reception for members of Congress including speakers the night before franchisees visit Capitol Hill. According to Chally, lawmakers from districts represented by CFA Day Forum attendees will be invited to meet and greet. In addition, attendees will head to Capitol Hill to interact directly with their respective members of Congress.

NTC has one mission—to make our clients more profitable either with our services or working on beneficial legislation.

NTC is a contingency-based Environmental Waste/Recycling, Energy Management Consulting and Tax Credit Processing firm headquartered in Woodstock, GA.

Gary Ripsco