NTC Introduces NTC-vSign – Maximize Work Opportunity Tax Credits Efficiently

National Tax Credit, a leading provider of tax credit processing services, today announced the addition of NTC-vSign, its new voice signature capability.

NTC-vSign allows employees to sign forms over the phone, streamlining the WOTC call-in screening and verification process.  This eliminates the need to capture physical signatures on  mail, fax, or email documents. This new capability provides additional flexibility for the employer and employee, allowing form completion in a single phone call.

NTC-vSign joins NTC’s comprehensive suite of WOTC screening and delivery solutions to offer superior flexibility. These include NTC-eSign (with electronic signature), NTC-vSign (call-in interview with voice signature) and NTC-Manual (wet signature) with fax/email forms delivery, and hard copy mailing.

Research shows substantial increases in certified tax credits captured when utilizing NTC-eSign or NTC-vSign compared to Manual Processing.

This new capability offers employers more options in their efforts to improve the security, efficiency, and ease of screening, verification, and document submission required for the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), fast-tracking the process to obtain tax Credits. These services allow companies to take full advantage of available tax credits and incentives, reducing a company’s overall tax liability on a Dollar for Dollar basis.

NTC Introduces NTC-vSign – Maximize Work Opportunity Tax Credits EfficientlyFor more information about NTC Tax Credit Division, visit http://nationaltaxcredit.com/ntc-blog/

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