Orange You Glad Fanta is Here To Stay?

Orange You Glad Fanta is Here To Stay?

Bahama Buck’s, the shaved ice company that boasts over 100 flavors, welcomes Fanta Orange to a coveted spot on their menu.

Orange You Glad Fanta is Here To Stay?The flavor gurus at Bahama Buck’s are back at it with the Coca Cola Company to create another perfect treat to beat the heat! Fanta Orange Soda has been transformed into a refreshing Sno just in time for Spring. Fanta Orange Sno is now available at any Bahama Buck’s starting this month!

“Fanta Orange is known for its bubbly and fruity taste,” said Blake Buchanan, CEO and Founder of Bahama Buck’s. “Bahama Buck’s is excited to work with Coca Cola again to put a new spin on a timeless flavor!”

Fanta Orange is a vacation for the tastebuds that will whisk guests away to the tropics. The sweet, tangy taste of orange combined with Bahama Buck’s world famous Sno is something everyone can enjoy! Try adding Tropic Creme and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to recreate a dreamy orange classic.

Bahama Buck’s is the nation’s premier tropical dessert franchise featuring the Greatest Sno on Earth®, as well as their famous, fresh-blended tropical Island Smoothies. Founded in 1990, Bahama Buck’s is dedicated to creating the Ultimate Tropical Dessert Experience for each guest. Their innovative approach to the dessert industry offers guests a flavorful taste of paradise in an island-inspired atmosphere. Visit for more information and connect with Bahama Buck’s a,,, and