Orange You Hungry? Teriyaki Madness Launches “Secret, Not So Secret” Menu Based on Customer-Driven Menu Hacks: Orange Spicy and Spicy Orange

Orange You Hungry? Teriyaki Madness Launches "Secret, Not So Secret" Menu Based on Customer-Driven Menu Hacks: Orange Spicy and Spicy Orange

Two orange bowls? You should probably get that checked out. The teriyaki franchise is rolling out two “new” menu items – Spicy Orange Chicken and Orange Spicy Chicken – nationwide on April 4.

In-N-Out’s animal style fries, Taco Bell’s enchirito, McDonald’s grilled cheese – we’ve all heard of secret menu hacks. But did you know Teriyaki Madness, the fast-growing teriyaki franchise with 130+ shops, has a secret of its own? We’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with door hinge. If you know, you know…

“Teriyaki Madness has always prided itself on offering next-level customization for our bowl-loving customers,” said CMO Jodi Boyce. “As a result, customers have discovered some great combinations on our menu, and we’ve been paying attention. Hey, just because we didn’t come up with it doesn’t mean we don’t recognize a great idea when we taste one!”

After months of covert recipe testing and espionage-level intel gathering on customer taste buds, the mad food scientists at TMAD are letting the cat out of the bag and sharing the secret with the world. The new menu twist on two fan favorite bowls, the Spicy Chicken and the Orange Chicken, are officially coming to Teriyaki Madness locations nationwide starting April 4, 2023.

The launch will feature two fan favorite menu innovations, creating two flavor-packed bowl options: the Spicy Orange Chicken and Orange Spicy Chicken. Nope, that wasn’t a typo. Those are two very different bowls, with two very similar names. Confused yet?

  • Orange Spicy Chicken is TMAD’s addicting grilled Spicy Chicken Teriyaki wok-tossed with a splash of Orange Sauce. Spicy & Sweet!
  • Spicy Orange Chicken is TMAD’s classic fried, sweet Orange Chicken wok-tossed with the brand’s famous Spicy Sauce. Sweet & Spicy!

Starting April 4, customers can easily order these two items from the official menu at all participating Teriyaki Madness locations, but they must be prepared for the tantalizingly spicy and deliciously addicting experience that ensues.

No more secret code words or awkward conversations with the staff – now you can simply order it by name and enjoy the orangey, spicy goodness OR the spicy, orangery goodness that so many have come to love. See, it’s simple!

“Although we are thriving post-Covid, we are still conscious of labor and supply chain challenges, and we are excited to not only offer a product that requires no new SKUs or training, but bowls we know our loyal customers will love,” said Boyce.

Orange You Hungry? Teriyaki Madness Launches "Secret, Not So Secret" Menu Based on Customer-Driven Menu Hacks: Orange Spicy and Spicy OrangeIf you’ve read this far, you know – Teriyaki Madness is making big moves. Named the #1 Fastest-Growing Big Restaurant Chain in the U.S. by Restaurant Business, TMAD’s secret sauce lies in creating value for franchisees, guests and employees alike. More than 130 shops across three countries deliver big, heaping bowls of fresh, natural ingredients to their communities, creating a cult-like following with customers, employment opportunities for neighborhoods, and profitable margins for the operators. Backed by world-class delivery and loyalty innovations and an all-star Executive team, Teriyaki Madness’ focus is on sustainable growth and exceptional experiences. Visit for single and multi-unit opportunities, and join the Teriyaki Takeover.