Papa John’s Releases YouGov Statement Clarifying Misleading BuzzIndex Score

Papa John’s today released the statement it received from YouGov regarding YouGov’s November 30, 2012 media comments concerning Papa John’s “BuzzIndex” score:

From YouGov: “Papa John’s have asked us to point out that the reference to the decline in its consumer perception among casual dining eaters in the US is a reference to the Buzz score for Papa John’s among casual dining eaters. YouGov’s Buzz score measures the perception of what was being said about the brand. The perception of the brand itself among casual dining eaters during the same period showed an increase, although this was not statistically significant. We are happy to make this clear.”

Papa John’s added, “The perception of the brand itself actually improved 4.8 points during the same period which was measured in the YouGov study that was the subject of their November 30 website posting and press statements.  Additionally, nearly every other relevant attribute showed improvement for Papa John’s during that time frame.

“Papa John’s too is happy YouGov issued a statement acknowledging this fact and wishes that YouGov had included all of this information in their November 30 web posting and press statements.”

A link to YouGov’s posting follows: