PASMO America Welcomes New Manufacturer’s Rep Group, Professional Reps

PASMO America Welcomes New Manufacturer's Rep Group, Professional Reps

Professional Reps brings over 60 years of leadership in the foodservice industry, four offices, and three state-of-the-art test kitchens serving the Rocky Mountain, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, Texas, and Florida regions

PASMO America, known for the world’s quietest soft serve machines, is pleased to announce the addition of Professional Reps as a new manufacturer’s rep group. Professional Reps brings over 60 years of legacy, three generations of commitment, and a reputation for customer-focused service that goes above and beyond industry norms.

Professional Reps prides itself on being more than just a typical manufacturer’s representative firm; it strives to be a trusted partner in creating customized kitchen solutions. What sets Professional Reps apart is its dedication to excellence, representing only the best manufacturers, and providing outstanding after-sales support.

“Professional Reps brings unmatched expertise and product knowledge, superior customer support, and a focus on delivering a superior customer experience to its clients in the foodservice industry. As a strategic partner to PASMO, Professional Reps will expand and strengthen our presence in their markets,” said Joel Cinnamon, Chief Operating Officer, PASMO America. “As we embark on this exciting venture, we look forward to achieving shared goals and creating lasting impact.”

“We’re thrilled by the opportunity of representing PASMO across all of our regions. Pro Reps and PASMO are ready to chill our way to a successful partnership. With PASMO, we stand as the epitome of where professionalism meets creamy perfection,” said Brian Bauer, CEO of Professional Reps.

The partnership with PASMO introduces a new dimension of innovation and efficiency to Professional Reps’ offerings. Integrating PASMO’s advanced Frozen Yogurt/Soft Serve/Ice Cream machines with Professional Reps’ extensive range of kitchen equipment, allows Professional Reps to provide comprehensive solutions for various applications across the Rocky Mountain, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, Texas, and Florida regions. Together, the two companies will ensure that clients receive not only high-quality equipment but also unmatched support and expertise throughout their journey.

PASMO America has been providing foodservice solutions to North America since 2014. Known for innovative, high quality, affordably priced soft serve machines that are exceptionally quiet and energy efficient, PASMO America’s portfolio of products also includes frozen beverage machines, whipped cream machines, and soft serve robotic vending machines. Find out why chains with over 400 locations have chosen PASMO. PASMO America has offices and warehouses in California and Colorado. For more information, visit

Our commitment goes above and beyond the industry norm. We pride ourselves in quick quote turn-around time, having an in-house CAD designer, hosting live demos in our kitchens, and most importantly we take great pride in providing after-sales support. The job is not done when the dotted line is signed; we will go on-location to see the installation process and train the kitchen crew members. It is important that equipment is used properly and maintained well, and we do our best to train end users in this fashion. As equipment continues to get better and more innovative every day, we stay current on our training so we may remain experts in the field and provide the best service. We believe in the importance of providing thorough information and quality products to end users, ensuring they have a positive experience. For more information, visit