Passaparola Treats “Do-Gooders” To Free Italian Lunch Sept 14

Passaparola Treats "Do-Gooders" To Free Italian Lunch Sept 14

When David and Luca Carteni were young boys growing up Macerata, Italy, they had dreams of becoming successful in America. Their mother, Ione, always encouraged them but had one request. When — and if — they ever realized their dream, they must share their success with those who are in service to others.

Two decades later, the brothers along with their partner, Stefano Procaccini, are living the American Dream with four successful restaurants. Now, they want to honor their mother’s wish by hosting the inaugural Spirito del Filantropo (Spirit of Philanthropy). On Friday, September 14 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., the team will honor those who give of themselves to better the lives of others with a free lunch at one of their newest restaurants, Passaparola Trattoria, which is situated at the shopping center at PCH and Loynes (6204 E. Pacific Coast Hwy) in Long Beach.

“We’re looking to honor those who volunteer their time for others, support a nonprofit, work a phone bank for a special cause or devote their energy and/or resources in service to those less fortunate,” said David Carteni.

Added his brother Luca, “We hope to have a wonderful turnout so that we can take photos and send them to our mother in Italy.”

Guests of Spirito del Filantropo will enjoy complimentary homemade pasta, fresh garden salads and soft drinks. Attendees will be on the honor system. Reservations are required by calling (562) 491-1000.

Since opening late last year, Passaparola has emerged as one of the region’s finest authentic Italian dining destinations joining the ranks of the owners’ popular La Parolaccia restaurants (locations in Long Beach and Claremont) and the newly opened El Lobo, an authentic Mexican restaurant also in Long Beach. Passaparola, which in Italian means “word of mouth,” has since earned favorable reviews from both critics and the public alike for its rustic cuisine representing several different regions of Italy.

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