Patron Mobile Dining App Increasing Average Ticket By 15-18%

Patron Mobile Dining App Increasing Average Ticket By 15-18%

Patron Mobile Dining App Increasing Average Ticket By 15-18%American Merchant Brokers, Inc. announces the successful launch of Patron Mobile in partnership with Patron Mobile Dining App. Those restaurants, bars and brewery pub owners that have signed up are seeing fantastic results – including higher ticket orders, faster table turns, better reviews and labor cost reductions among other cost savings – all through the Patron Mobile App. As Patron Mobile’s exclusive partner we are proud to be a part of the success of the many restaurants now on the platform. More restaurants are joining our mobile order and pay revolution every day!

The restaurants that are on the Patron Mobile App platform are seeing the following results:

  • Ticket Average: from 15-18% higher when using Patron Mobile
  • Average Daily Sales: Locations accepting Patron Mobile are averaging $200.00 – $400.00 more per day in sales. Our larger venues are experiencing higher daily results.
  • Tips Received: Average is 3% higher for the server using Patron Mobile.
  • Earning Higher Reviews: Most locations on Patron Mobile who began with lower than average reviews have seen anywhere from ½ to 1 full star increase in standings on any number of review sites – including Facebook, Yelp and Google Plus since April 2017
  • Table Turns: The result of the above verified statistics is having a positive impact on table turns by default of the quicker, more efficient order/pay platform.

Since the app is customizable to their needs, restaurants can now have the exposure they would not otherwise be able to afford. While development of a native app can run into the 10-20K (or more) range and not have the community app appeal Patron Mobile enjoys. That is why Patron has created a Community App that focuses on the customers in your Community. Our strategy is to market directly to the population you serve. The Patron App is revitalizing the entire hospitality experience and industry as is being witnessing first hand by current Patron Mobile clients. To build a solid foundation, it’s important to stay in frequent contact with customers.

We Turn People Into Patrons

  • Offer Incentives to Customers Who Invite Their Friends and Peers to Download the Patron App on Social Media to Gain Real-Time Deals and Discounts
  • Offer Customers a Cash Back Point for Every Dollar They Spend in Your Restaurant
  • Online Ordering and Delivery Services Will Be Offered
  • Turn Your Best Customers into Lasting Patrons with the Customer Management and Loyalty Modules
  • Benchmark and Improve Performance with Real-Time Discounts, Coupons, Events and Promotions – Delivered in a “just in time” Fashion FREE, Not like Other Ordering Apps.
  • Drive the Customer to Your Location Simply by Being One of the Many Restaurants on The Community App
  • New Customers Will Have Access to Your App, Just by Being in Your Neighborhood
  • Have All Your Locations on the Same App. Also Within the App, Each Location Can Create Their Own Custom App, Geared Towards Their Unique Location Requirements
  • Each Location Can Send Out Their Own Promotions within the Community App
  • Gives your Restaurant the Ability to View Their Performance and Coordinate Their Work Effectively
  • Able to Handle Lunchtime and Dinnertime Rush with Ease by Simplifying Checkout
  • Keep Tabs on Key Metrics
  • The Patron Portal Gives You Real-Time Marketing and Promotion Capabilities, Every Time You Sign In
  • Grow Your Network by Knowing How Your Restaurant or Restaurants are Performing
  • Drive the Customer to Your Location Simply by Being One of The Many Restaurants on The Community App
  • Not Only Is the Patron Portal Beautiful, Functional and Built to the Latest Web Standards, It Also Has a Modern, Easy-To-Use Interface
  • You Can Clone and Deploy New Stores Remotely, if Needed
  • With Patron, There are No Servers to Buy or Networks to Maintain, Which Vastly Reduces Your Infrastructure Costs. The Internet is All You Need
  • Patron May Even Work with Your Existing POS Hardware

Whether you own a bar, brewery, hotel, resort, casino resort or operate near a college or university – Patron Mobile App is your future!

American Merchant Brokers, a privately held corporation opened its doors in 2015 and is owned by Michael Alquist and Son, Jarrod Alquist. Their partnership with Patron Mobile allows them to supply Patron Mobile to restaurants of all types – with FREE full launch support for success and success after launch for continued growth.

For more information, please visit For more information about their free Patron Mobile Dining App to restaurants nationwide, please visit Want to learn more? Sign up for our free 20 minute webinar to help you learn how Patron Mobile is benefiting both you and your patrons.

To learn more about this program, please contact:
Jarrod Alquist, Director – Patron App Launch
Phoenix, Arizona
Office: (877) 767-7018
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