Patrón Scoops Top Slot for Second Year as Most Often Recommended Spirit Brand in 2018

Patrón Scoops Top Slot for Second Year as Most Often Recommended Spirit Brand in 2018

MetrixLab Most Often Recommended Brand Awards (MORBA) are based on recommendations of over 10,000 US bartenders

Kevin Moran, EVP Global Key Accounts at MetrixLab
Kevin Moran,
EVP Global Key Accounts at MetrixLab

The MetrixLab MSS US Bartender Influencer Study, now in its 15th year, asks nearly 10,000 US bartenders to rank all the major spirits brands by the frequency they recommend them to customers.  Spirits brands know how important it is to gain recommendations from these point of purchase influencers.

Kevin Moran, EVP Global Key Accounts at MetrixLab says: The role of the influencer in today’s competitive marketing environment cannot be overstated. US bartenders are extremely knowledgeable about the spirits category and its many brands. As they are in direct contact with approximately 700 customers per week on average, they can reinforce a brand’s image, and with the right messaging and programming, they can move the consumer to that brand to facilitate a great consumption experience. There are over 800,000 Bartender Influencers in the US making brand recommendations every day, so clearly these professionals are able to make or break a brand’s success in the on-premise environment.”

The 2018 Most Often Recommended Brand Award winners in the Spirits category:

CategoryRecipient 2018Recipient 2017Comments
Overall SpiritPatrónPatrónSecond year in a row, after overtaking Fireball in 2017
Blended ScotchJohnnie WalkerJohnnie WalkerRanked first since the inception of the MORBAs in 2005
CognacHennessyHennessyRanked first for seven of the last eight years
CordialGrand MarnierGrand MarnierSixth consecutive year with highest ranking
Coffee CordialBaileysBaileysThe leader for the six years the category has been included
Flavor SpiritsBACARDĺ FlavorsAbsolut VodkaLeads for the first time since 2007, overtaking Absolut Flavors
GinBombay SapphireHendricksWins the MORBA for the first time since 2014
RumBACARDĺBACARDĺRanked first for the 12th consecutive year
Shot/ShooterJack Daniel’sFireballFirst-time lead, displacing 2015-2017’s leader
Single MaltThe MacallanThe MacallanIts second straight year, having displaced The Glenlivet in 2017
TequilaPatrónPatrónRanked first since 2008
VodkaGrey GooseGrey GooseFirst in all but one year of the study, where it tied with Absolut
WhiskeyJack Daniel’sJack Daniel’sRanked first for each year the category has been included

Kevin Moran concludes: “Bartenders are making recommendations to roughly 44% of their customers in the US, so winning these awards means a brand has the opportunity for a higher share of purchase.”

Notes to Editors

The MetrixLab MSS Most Often Recommended Brand Award (MORBA) is based upon responses from category Influencers each year who have met specific criteria for inclusion in one of our research studies. MetrixLab defines Influencers as those individuals in a profession who make recommendations to consumers on what brand of product they should buy.

The award program recognizes brands for leading their category in terms of Share of Recommendations. This is determined by calculating the average number of recommendations made for each brand (if in distribution) as a percentage of the total number of recommendations made across all brands included in the category/survey competitive set. Awards are based on numerical scores, and not necessarily on statistical significance. Additional information is provided to participating brand manufacturers on product image, programming effectiveness and other metrics to make more informed strategic decisions on how to position their brand among Influencers.

Each year, MetrixLab surveys Influencers around the world to gather their opinions, perceptions, and recommendations of the brands they sell to consumers. This survey information forms the basis for our rankings and awards. Brands that rank highest in the company’s multi-sponsored Influencer studies with awards associated with them may enter an agreement to use the MetrixLab name and MORBA award icon (trophy) in marketing, advertising, and promotional activities. MetrixLab reviews and approves advertisements that feature its name or study information for clients that are part of the program. Use of the MetrixLab name is governed by a formal agreement and is closely monitored to ensure that the information is accurate and not misleading to consumers.

The 2018 MetrixLab MSS Bartender Influencer Study surveyed 8,221 bartenders in the top 10 US MSAs between April and December 2018.

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