Perky Jerky Expands Exclusive Black Label Line with Grass Fed, Global Animal Partnership Step 4 Beef Launch in Whole Foods Market

Perky Jerky Expands Exclusive Black Label Line with Grass Fed, Global Animal Partnership Step 4 Beef Launch in Whole Foods Market

The New Boldly Flavored and Tenderly Textured Antibiotic-free Beef Jerky Line is Now Available Nationwide

Perky Jerky Expands Exclusive Black Label Line with Grass Fed, Global Animal Partnership Step 4 Beef Launch in Whole Foods MarketPerky Jerky is paving the way when it comes to the next generation of premium meat snacks. The rapidly growing brand is expanding its Exclusive Black Line label across the country by introducing a new high quality beef jerky product that’s made from 100% grass fed and antibiotic-free beef, with a Step 4 animal welfare certification by Global Animal Partnership (GAP).  Now, Perky Jerky fans across the U.S. can enjoy this premium Black Label beef jerky in three new flavors: Original, Teriyaki and BBQ with Seoul, sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores.

“Whole Foods Market already carries our high protein, antibiotic-free turkey jerky, and the response from customers is consistently and overwhelmingly positive. It comes down to the fact that they love Perky Jerky for its signature bold flavors and tender cuts,” said Brian Levin, Founder & CEO of Perky Jerky. “The new Exclusive Black Label line is a natural extension of our brand. We’ve always been 100 percent committed to making top quality beef jerky. By working with the Global Animal Partnership to earn its 4-Step rating, we’re taking those ongoing efforts to the next level. We want our customers to be confident that they’re consuming a top of the line product that’s made by a brand that values the ethical treatment of animals.”

The Global Animal Partnership is a non-profit group of producers, retailers, animal advocates and scientists that are dedicated to improving farm animal welfare. Their Animal Welfare Rating Program is designed to continuously improve animal agriculture by signaling to consumers that the meat they’re consuming is raised in a humane environment. Perky Jerky is currently on the fourth level of that certification process, which means that its Black Label Beef comes from pasture centered farms. That commitment to quality—even at the farm level—is nothing new. Levin has been raising the bar in the jerky industry since 2009 by creating a category-leading product that’s delightfully unexpected, solidifying Perky Jerky’s position as the preferred next generation jerky brand on the market.

It stands out from the competition as the brand to beat for two main reasons. First, it has been proven that consumers prefer Perky Jerky’s product two-to-one over traditional jerky[1] because of its bolder flavor and more tender bite. That strong flavor comes from the brand’s unique, flavorful marinade that’s applied through a proprietary process. The second reason is that Perky Jerky recognizes that consumers are more concerned with where their beef comes from than they’ve ever been before. Over the past decade, demand for grass fed beef has grown at an annual rate of 25 to 30 percent, while per capita beef consumption for traditional beef products continues to decline. Many factors have contributed to this sway in consumer preference, including consumers’ knowledge about nutrition, health conditions, and the overall trend for consumers to demand grass fed beef.

“We couldn’t be launching this new line of beef jerky at a better time. Our customers are drawn to our product because they know they can trust that they’re consuming top-of-the-line ingredients,” said Levin. “We asked ourselves what we could be doing better and decided it was time to move GAP 4. We’re raising the bar in the jerky industry and proud to be offering a product that meets the highest standards for excellence.”

Perky Jerky is the perfect portable, better-for-you snack that’s rich in protein. The all-natural, premium jerky is low calorie, low fat, low carb and free of nitrites, preservatives, gluten and added MSG. The Exclusive Black Label beef jerky line is now available for $6.99 per package only in Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.

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Perky Jerky, the Best Tasting Jerky on Earth, is widely known for its bold flavors, unique tender texture and healthy nutritional perks. Distribution in the U.S. exceeds 40,000 locations nationwide and includes retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, The Home Depot, CVS, 7-Eleven Japan and many others. For more information visit or follow @PerkyJerky on Twitter for new product releases and deals.

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