Pita Pit Helps Canadians Ring in the New Year with 2015 Resolution Solution Campaign

Pita Pit Helps Canadians Ring in the New Year with 2015 Resolution Solution CampaignFresh-Thinking Brand Makes a Healthy New Year Simpler with Easy, Better-for-You Menu Choices

Pita Pit Helps Canadians Ring in the New Year with 2015 Resolution Solution CampaignPita Pit wants Canadians to get excited about a fresh start in 2015. The brand has maintained its category lead as a healthy alternative to fast food for 20 years by encouraging consumers to feel good about what they eat and offering better-for-you alternatives. To take the anxiety out of those dauntingly drastic New Year’s resolutions, the brand is launching its 2015 Resolution Solution campaign on January 2, focused on providing a stress-free and simple solution to supporting a healthy lifestyle with convenient and customized menu options.

“Every year we make these extreme and unrealistic resolutions for the New Year and then by February we’ve already tapped out and given up,” said Chris Fountain, CEO of Pita Pit Canada. “It shouldn’t be that stressful or torturous, so, we’ve made it simple – 10 delicious pitas less than 500 calories. It’s a simple solution to help our pita fanatics get 2015 started off right and feel good about what they’re eating.”

Beyond the 10 pitas under 500 calories, the brand offers customers countless delicious combinations of freshly grilled meats, vegetables and zesty sauces all wrapped up into one delicious pita. Pita Pit also specializes in 6” snack-sized Petitas™, delicious Fresh Fuel smoothies and salads. This craveable combination of healthy alternatives has fueled customers’ passion for Pita Pit and helped to jump-start their active, healthy, lifestyles.

In addition to ongoing encouragement at each of its 200+ locations with its Resolution Solution campaign, Pita Pit is encouraging fans to fill out “Resolution Solution” cards in-store with simple ways that they plan to live a more healthy 2015. Fans will be encouraged to post their selfies on Instagram with the hashtag #PPCPlaybook for a chance to win a weekly prize. Pita Pit will also incentivize Facebook fans to comment on the PPC Playbook, where Pita Pit will spotlight some of the typical New Year’s Resolution blunders.

“Committing to a more active lifestyle and making smart choices to promote a healthier 2015 shouldn’t be stressful, it should be delicious,” said Kevin Pressburger, President of Pita Pit Canada. “So, we’ve laid out 10 options under 500 calories for our fanatics and we’re also encouraging them to make a simple solution to staying fit in 2015.”

Pita Pit’s 10 pitas under 500 calories (full-size whole wheat pita and a typical veggie mix, plus one light sauce), include: Spicy Thai Chicken (451 cal/ 5 g fat without cheese; 474 cal / 6.5 g fat with parmesan); Spicy Black Bean (473 cal/ 11 g fat without cheese; 496 cal / 12.5 g fat with parmesan); Chicken Breast (395 cal/ 9 g fat without cheese; 495 cal / 17 g fat with Swiss); Black Forest Ham (334 cal/ 4 g fat without cheese; 434 cal / 12 g fat with Swiss); Roast Beef (354 cal/ 4 g fat without cheese; 454 cal / 12 g fat with Swiss); Turkey (399 cal/ 8 g fat without cheese; 499 cal / 16 g fat with Swiss); Garden with 28 g hummus (331 cal/ 9.5 g fat without cheese; 451 cal / 18.5 g fat with Cheddar); Tuna (399 cal/ 9.5 g fat without cheese; 499 cal / 17.5 g fat with Swiss); Chicken Souvlaki (395 cal/ 9 g fat without cheese; 475 cal / 16 g fat with feta); and Dagwood Club (399 cal/ 5.5 g fat without cheese; 499 cal / 13.5 g fat with Swiss).

Founded in 1995 in Kingston, Ontario near Queen’s University, Pita Pit was a QSR restaurant with a new and unique approach. The goal was to offer quality, healthy, fresh food fast. After seeing great success, franchising began across Canada in 1997 and in 1999, the brand expanded to the United States. With more than 500 stores across North America and an additional 70 stores internationally, Pita Pit connects healthy food with people seeking alternatives to the typical fast food choices. Pita Pit’s motto is “”fresh thinking – healthy eating””, and features a menu based on the customer’s choice of grilled meats, fresh vegetables, zesty sauces and a pita rolled into a unique and convenient package. For more information about Pita Pit, visit www.pitapit.ca/consumer, www.pitapitsolutions.com, or www.facebook.com/pitapitcanada.