PizzaForno Launches Revolutionary Pizza Ambassador Program

PizzaForno Launches Revolutionary Pizza Ambassador Program

The 24/7 Automated Pizzeria Concept is Targeting Pizza Lovers to be Brand Representatives, Placing an Emphasis on Campus Locations

PizzaForno Launches Revolutionary Pizza Ambassador ProgramPizzaForno, one of North America’s only automated pizzerias bakes artisanal pizzas in less than three minutes, has announced a new opportunity for pizza lovers to work for free pizza and get paid, too. Hiring customers and students to utilize their own marketing or social media skills, PizzaForno introduces the Pizza Ambassador Program, offering pizza lovers the chance to join the ‘PizzaRuption’ by representing the brand. Providing excellent experience in the 65 billion dollar pizza industry, PizzaForno currently has locations in Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA, Jackson, MI and will be launching in Atlanta this month with additional locations on the campuses of University of New Orleans, Louisiana State University, and Mott College in Flint, Michigan.

Offering a monthly retainer, bonuses, and payment via pizza, the main duties will include content creation, eating pizza and having fun. “The main job requirements are to love pizza, have a good sense of humor, post about it and give away free samples” said Brook Hanley, Pizza Ambassador at University of New Orleans. Students must be enrolled in one of the participating PizzaForno campus locations, but the Pizza Ambassador program is not just for students, anyone that loves pizza and is around a PizzaForno location can qualify. The brand is asking candidates to post #PizzaForno or email ( their marketing and/or social media talents through a video or photo, paired with a caption that talks about what pizza means to them.

Passionate about giving back to the community, PizzaForno’s goal with this opportunity is to support the community by helping individuals and students develop their marketing and business skills, while creating awareness for the brand. Available 24/7, PizzaForno has placed pizzerias on campuses knowing that students’ schedules are hectic and many are looking for convenient food options. With each pizza only taking three minutes or less to bake, customers can enjoy a hot, gourmet pizza made with fresh ingredients and a handmade crust.

“We understand being busy, and a student’s tight schedule makes it tough to squeeze in a meal, none-the-less fitting a job into their schedule,” said Jason Lowder, Chief Marketing Officer of PizzaForno. “Not only are we able to offer a practical work environment, but our ambassadors will be gaining genuine business experience that can help them further their careers and eat free while on the job.”

As volume demands, each unit can hold up to 70 fully prepared boxed pizzas made fresh in the U.S. and replenished frequently. As soon as the customer selects their preferred menu item, the state-of-the-art oven gives the customer the option to Take-n-Bake or bake the 12” premium artisan pizza in under three minutes. In the US, app users can check inventory, order, and reserve pizzas through the app for pick up later. Some users have discovered the ability to order via the app from anywhere in the world and pay for and reserve a pizza for a friend/student/child/person anywhere a PizzaForno automated pizzeria is located.

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PizzaForno Launches Revolutionary Pizza Ambassador Program

Founded in 2018 by Canadian entrepreneurs William Moyer and Les Tomlin, PizzaForno is North America’s only automated pizzeria which introduces gourmet artisanal pizzas in less than three minutes. Accessible 24/7 at the tap of a digital screen, PizzaForno offers a selection of innovative menu options, each made with high quality ingredients, with an authentic approach. Utilizing technology made popular in France by ADIAL, PizzaForno has built their brand on a proven machine with already 2,000 operating in Europe. PizzaForno currently has 61 operating locations and over 100 additional locations committed in the U.S. alone, with the first 15 U.S. locations already established in Michigan, Texas, and Louisiana. In 2020, PizzaForno was honored with the Restaurants Canada 2020 Innovation Award. To learn more about PizzaForno, visit To inquire about the licensee opportunity, visit