Popeyes CEO on fast food wage hikes: ‘Life will go on’

Popeyes CEO on fast food wage hikes: 'Life will go on'
Cheryl Bachelder

Fast food workers are fighting for — and often winning — higher wages. And that’s made restaurant executives and franchisees nervous.

But the CEO of one well-known chicken chain has a message for her competitors who are complaining about minimum wage hikes: Get over it.

“Everybody in retail is dealing with an increase in minimum wage,” said Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (PLKI). “We will adjust to increased costs just like we have before. Life will go on. There’s been too much hubbub about it.”

Bachelder said it’s not really that productive for her, Popeyes store owners or others in the industry to spend time worrying about increased calls for a $15 minimum wage.

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