Popular Sub Chain Introduces “Decent Sandwich Campaign”

Popular Sub Chain Introduces "Decent Sandwich Campaign"

Popular Sub Chain Introduces "Decent Sandwich Campaign"Milio’s Sandwiches, a franchised, quick-service sub chain with unique sandwiches has announced a new marketing and advertising campaign designed to reach and draw in new customers. The “You Deserve a Decent Sandwich” campaign began on Sept. 17.

The campaign features the tagline “You deserve a decent sandwich,” with the idea that life’s dilemmas and misfortune can take a toll on us and that when it is all said and done, we truly deserve a decent sandwich. Milio’s sandwiches are made only with fresh-sliced premium meats, vegetables and cheeses and bread baked fresh in each store.

The campaign includes a variety of advertising methods: billboards, transit advertising, out-of-home place-based media, print ads, online banner ads, car flyers, radio ads and in-store promotional methods such as T-shirts and handouts. Consistency is the key with the “Decent Sandwich” campaign as all advertising efforts will boast a phrase with which customers can relate. “Just got the worst haircut of my life,” and “Your bus left 21 seconds ago” are two of many relatable remarks to appeal to customers.

“Everyone deserves a decent sandwich,” said Mike Liautaud, founder and president of Milio’s Sandwiches. “This campaign is to make sure customers both new and current are aware that we give them only the best.”

Milio’s has also taken advantage of the rise in popularity of social media platforms with respect to brands. As another element of the campaign, the company is hosting contests on its Facebook page in which customers have the opportunity to participate. The contests include but are not limited to submitting someone who you believe deserves a decent sandwich and a monthly caption contest, allowing people to submit a headline for a photo the company posts.

There are more than 40 Milio’s Sandwiches locations scattered throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. Thirty-two of these are company owned and 16 are franchised units. Milio’s expects to have an additional six franchised stores either open or in development by the end of 2012. Further plans are to have 200 franchised stores sold and 90 of those open within five years. Growth is targeted for nine Midwestern states through multi-unit developers who have the resources to open at least three to five stores in designated markets.

For more information, please visit http://www.milios.com.