Public Kitchen Supply Announces New Keurig Bolt Commercial Brewing System Now Available!

Public Kitchen Supply Announces New Keurig Bolt Commercial Brewing System Now Available!

Keurig – Bolt Commercial Brewing System

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Introducing the newest innovation in commercial coffee brewing. From Keurig, their Bolt Commercial Brewing System takes their single cup brewing to a whole new level. Take that technology and transform it to large group use. Now using portion packs, you’ll be able to brew 64 ounces at once without the hassle of grounds or messy cleanup. It will brew this pot of coffee within 2 minutes, faster than the average conventional batch brewing system.

When you introduce the Bolt Brewing System into your office or foodservice environment, you’ll enjoy the easy and convenience. No more wasted labor making fresh pots of coffee. Simply pot in your portion pack, press brew and 2 minutes later, the freshest pot of coffee is ready. With the temperature control range from 187°F – 197°F you can customize how your employees or customers prefer their coffee.

The Bolt also includes one Thermal Carafe, specifically designed for the Bolt Brewing System. It features double walled, vacuum-sealed technology that keeps your coffee hot for up to two-hours when pre-heated. It features a coffee identifier at the bottom of the handle that will show drinkers if it is regular, decaf, or flavored coffee readily-brewed. Each carafe is 6.5″ inches in height, 7″ wide, and a total of 9 inches long including the handle.

In addition to coffee quality and environmentally-friendly design, another benefit you’ll appreciate of a Keurig Bolt over the traditional coffee pot is the lack of cleanup. The Bolt Pack keeps the cleanup at a minimum, requiring the only item to be cleaned is the carafe.

Additional Keurig Bolt features are as follows: –

  • Brews 64 oz. pot of coffee in two minutes
  • Maintains temperature up to two hours within the carafe
  • Touchscreen allows language programming (English, French, Spanish) and temperature control (187°F – 197°F)
  • UL approved for commercial use as well as NSF certified for foodservice environments

The best thing about a Bolt is that it’s truly versatile. The Keurig Bolt doesn’t have to be placed within an office setting. It can be placed in a restaurant or diner that serves coffee all day long. You can invest in an additional thermal carafe and have two pots brewed at all times. With only a two-minute wait time no one will have to wait long if you’re out of their favorite flavor. Two minutes versus the traditional coffee pot’s four minute brew time, can make a large difference when a customer is rushing to work in the morning. Your customers will love it when you invest in a Keurig Bolt Commercial Brewing System.

With all these features, it’s no wonder that Keurig has the brand status that it does. It takes what consumers want most and delivers to them. The Keurig Bolt does what no other coffee maker does. It takes the work out of making coffee. It’s no longer a chore to make coffee for the office or for customers. It’s simply the press of a button. The Keurig Bolt is now available, right here at

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