Red Lobster Testing “Seaside Express”

Red Lobster is experimenting with a new fast service format as they try to expand their market. The chain is testing the “Seaside Express” idea in two Orlando area restaurants. Diners don’t have to take their seats and wait for service if they’re in a hurry. Counter service allows visitors to order and get their food to go without a long wait. Red Lobster says they won’t be doing away with the traditional sit down experience, but they are interested in replicating the success that many other similar chains have had with quick service additions.

One location is using the bar as the ordering hub, while another has a separate counter for quick orders. Tables are available for diners who don’t want their meal to go. These diners will still get service from the wait staff, but can expect to have their meals within minutes and can leave as soon as they finish because they’ve already paid. The service offers its own affordable menu of dishes that don’t take a long time to prepare.