ReSette Showcases Authentic Italian Fine Dining in NYC

ReSette, one of the premier Italian restaurants in NYC renowned for their authentic Southern Italian cuisine, is offering a unique fine dining experience that is inspired by the extravagance of royal feasts. Diners who fancy Italian dishes paired with fine wines are invited to experience a festive dinner in the city that never sleeps.

The name ReSette is derived from the combination of Italian words Re and Sette, which translates to Seven Kings. This concept can be traced back to the 1500s, when Asian merchants began bartering goods with the Western World.

Like other Europeans who have been known to play cards since the late 13th century, the Italians also took these cards and created their own games. The strongest playing card in the deck is the king while the strongest number card is seven or sette. ReSette celebrates this history through Southern Italian cuisine served with Old World flair.

Additionally, the staff ReSette also makes sure that wine connoisseurs have something delightful for their discriminating palate with their vast selection of wines and cocktails. From champagnes and cocktails to the best wines of Italy, France, and the United States, ReSette offers the finest refreshments.

Whether it is an intimate family dinner or a huge private function, ReSette can offer a lavish fine dining experience set in the interiors reminiscent of a 15th century restaurant in the Western World.

Customers looking for the finest Southern Italian restaurants in NYC can visit ReSette at 7 West 45th St. New York, NY. For reservations and information about the most enjoyable fine dining NYC has to offer, contact 212-221-7530 or visit their website at