Restaurant Customer Service Reaches New Heights

Restaurant Customer Service Reaches New Heights
“Wirelesswaiting eliminates the risk of any customer being overlooked” - Oliver Dunne (Owner, Bon Appetit, Malahide, Dublin) Awarded Michelin star last 4 years.

Like many businesses Wirelesswaiting LLC was born out of personal experiences. Its owner and CEO, David Lewis, had on many occasions become frustrated when dining out simply because it was often the case that when he wanted to order more drinks, desert, coffee, etc., or indeed when he wanted the check, all the waiting staff were not around or busy.

Often he changed his mind and didn’t order that extra bottle of wine. David says, “This doesn’t represent poor service.  I understand if people are busy, but I often walked out of restaurants with money in my pocket that should have been in their register. “

Wirelesswaiting has a solution to this problem.  In fact, it has 3 major benefits. Firstly, it will enhance customer service even in the best of restaurants. Secondly, it will increase average customer spend by 8%-12%. Thirdly, because the incremental spend is on high margin items such as coffee, wine, deserts, etc., profits are greatly increased.

Following the success of Wirelesswaiting in Ireland and the UK and more recently in the Middle East, they are  now launching their systems in the US from their office in Philadelphia.

Marjorie Aiken their Director of Operations here in the US, quoted a recent story by Danya Henninger of ZAGAT:  “66%!!! Check out this figure. That’s the percentage of people who said service was the thing that irritates them the most about dining out according to the 2013 Restaurants Survey. That’s a high figure – the second most annoying pet peeve was noise, which only got 16% of respondent votes. Restaurants TAKE NOTE!!”

Says David, “Our system is  self funding and typically pays for itself in 3-4 months, but most importantly restaurant owners tell us their customers love it.”

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