Restaurant in Brooklyn Deals Great Exotic Cuisine

With the importance of having a healthy diet growing every day, Riviera Grill NY has announced its new menu items including a new sushi dining experience. Providing the best of the best in exotic cuisine, the chefs at Riviera specialize in French, Japanese, Mediterranean and Russian cuisine.

The menu was created from scratch by Dmitry Rodov, who looks to provide the best dining experience possible. The new menu items include:

  • Chilean Sea Bass
  • Five Spice Salmon
  • Grilled Boneless Branzini and
  • Saku Tuna Nori Wrap Tempura

The new seafood menu will tingle the taste buds and leave you with your needed dose of heart-smart fatty oils. Terry Walter, health counselor and author of Clean Food and Clean Start recently highlighted the benefits of eating seaweed – a critical component of sushi – for Bliss Tree.

“We absorb [calcium and minerals] better in food form than pill form. While different sea vegetables have different nutrient profiles, generally, they’re “incredibly heart-healthy, supportive to the liver and nervous system,” and she explains that “there’s even a school of thought that sea vegetables help break down masses like tumors or cysts, and flush inflammation from the body.”

Most seaweeds are high in essential amino acids and are an invaluable source of vegetable protein in a vegetarian diet. It is beneficial in balancing blood sugar levels because the fiber content helps slow the rate at which foods are absorbed into the bloodstream. It is also helpful as a digestive aid.

The experimental benefits of seaweed are also very promising. Seaweed extracts have been shown to have an anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effect on laboratory animals. These effects have not yet been scientifically proven in humans, but testing is underway.

Even if you aren’t hoping that seaweed will break down tumors, it can definitely help reduce inflammation in the body by lowering your internal pH. Call 718-333-0003 for more information or to place an order at

Riviera Grill also provides a spectacular selection of wines and designer cocktails that have been known to please even the pickiest eaters. Enjoy a relaxing evening and perhaps even some health benefits when you dine at Riviera Grill.