Restaurant Revolution Technologies Goes ‘Beyond Takeout’ in a Landmark 2016 Year

Restaurant Revolution Technologies Goes 'Beyond Takeout' in a Landmark 2016 YearRestaurant Revolution Technologies Goes 'Beyond Takeout' in a Landmark 2016 Year

Collection of technology advancements, call center virtualization and portfolio of new clients position the San Diego-based technology and services company “Beyond Takeout” as it continues to substantiate itself within the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT), a leading provider of order management, call center and technology solutions for restaurants helping them to manage and optimize their off-premises orders, continued its unprecedented run of innovation and success while pushing “Beyond Takeout” in 2016. Highlights from the past year include:

  • 100% Virtual Operations – To handle call-in takeout orders for its clients RRT made the transition from a brick & mortar call center format to a 100% Virtual Call Center. The operational change has resulted in RRT being able to provide augmented service levels, more flexible scheduling to support its client’s order patterns, increased ability to hire agents with a hospitality background, and able to “Uber-ize” its services to provide immediate support to its clients during unexpected spikes in volume.
  • Company Growth – RRT grew dramatically during 2016, added numerous new restaurant chains, with its client base now including marquee brands such as The Habit Burger Grill, BJ’s Bar & Restaurant, Kona Grill, Urbane Cafe, Kneaders Bakery and Café, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Modern Market, Mooyah Burgers, zpizza, Maria’s Italian Kitchen and Polly’s Pies, to name a few. RRT closed the year with over 25 highly respected Regional and National chains, which represent well over 1,500+ locations.
  • Handled 1,500,000 total orders in 2016 – The total order 1,500,000 order volume represented $22.0 million in retail revenues for RRT clients. The volume mix for the year: 66% of the orders came in through a phone call, 23% of the orders were placed online and 11% of the orders were placed through a mobile device.
  • 11,000,000 consumers in RRT’s Loyalty solution – RRT’s robust Loyalty solutions now have in excess of 11.0 million consumers using the service. Recent 2016 upgrades include: highly customizable rule sets; dynamic rewards based on in-store pricing; multiple campaigns can run simultaneously with different rule sets; per store/per region customization; auto conversion of points to rewards; auto-application of rewards to guest check; gift points; track non-members by phone, email or special issue card; merge two accounts; and guest portal for customer self-service.
  • Launch of new Outbound Business Development services – RRT launched an exciting new service during the year which has provided exceptional value to its clients. The Outbound Business Development service resulted in RRT making thousands of “cold calls” to local businesses attempting to capture new catering orders and opportunities for its clients. The outbound calling efforts generated significant incremental business providing a very positive ROI. Additionally RRT scheduled hundreds of in-person meetings for its clients within their local communities to allow them to greatly increase the visibility of their catering services and build stronger relationships with local businesses and organizations.
  • Support of high volume seasonal business – RRT worked diligently with one of its newest clients, who experiences an exceptional increase in volume during the end of the year holiday season to provide a series of new and customized services to support this seasonal activity. These subsequent new services included: an integration with a payment provider to take payment for guest orders at the time the order is placed; implementation of product mix reporting for advance orders that provides the future quantity of menu items ordered through the RRT system to assist clients with planning and inventory management; a customized online and mobile ordering portal for their guests along with a custom staff ordering portal; implementation of a sourced credit card swipe reader that integrates into RRT’s software; and ability to send email confirmations to guests at the time of their advanced order as well as an additional reminder email one day prior to the guests’ scheduled pickup time. The client realized a significant increase in their holiday business. These new services will also be of great value to support catering and seasonal activity for other RRT clients.
  • Intellectual Property Portfolio Development – Adding to its technological leadership position, RRT secured its first of several patents (Patent #9,105,041) filed with USPTO. The ‘041 Patent is the first phase in allowing RRT to be the only company in the industry with the ability to provide its versions of real-time, customized menu and order management, based on capturing customer ordering history, favorites and feedback to provide RRT’s clients and their customers with a much more personalized and customized ordering experience. Five additional patents are waiting final review and approval.
  • NCR Aloha Cloud Connect Integration – RRT becomes one of the first industry partners to offer a complete integration of its phone, online and mobile ordering and order management solutions with the new NCR Aloha Cloud Connect products. RRT had already successfully integrated with previous versions of Aloha’s point of sales system, along with integrating with point of sale systems offered by Micros, Brink, PosiTouch and Focus. RRT will continue to pursue new POS integrations in 2017, with a new integration with Digital Dining underway and ready for release in January.
  • Upgrades to patent-pending “IntelliSell” platform – RRT has launched new upgrades of its patent-pending upselling tool known as IntelliSell, which allows RRT’s clients to realize significant increases in the average size of their tickets for takeout orders. The tool is completely customizable for each client to suggest to their customers intelligent add-ons based on: what customers order or do not order; time of day (lunch vs dinner); day during the week (weekdays vs weekends); support of special programs; and anything else RRT clients would like to focus on.
  • New “Beyond Takeout” marketing positioning – RRT unveiled its new “Beyond Takeout” marketing positioning as the company continued to support 100% of off-premise opportunities for its clients, going well “beyond” just focusing on online and mobile ordering. The new positioning supports RRT’s ability to provide six unique service lines, which include call center support, online ordering, mobile ordering, handling larger catering orders, outbound business development services and offering a customized loyalty platform. RRT rolled out a new corporate website and embarked on new marketing, social media and email campaigns.

“2016 was, on all accounts, a banner year for us as we have witnessed substantial growth in all areas of our business which remains a testament to our team as well as our client partnerships,” said David Schofield, CEO at RRT. “Our ability to execute on our product and service offerings, and our continual operational evolution, especially the undertaking of the virtualization of our call center, directly impacts and correlates with our client’s growth as well as our own. We are well poised for another exciting year of growth at RRT.”

Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT) provides popular restaurant chains nationwide easy-to-implement phone, online and mobile takeout, order management, customer loyalty and catering solutions that enable restaurant operators to offer their takeout customers a consistently professional and delightful ordering experience where the customer rarely waits on hold, speaks to a friendly and knowledgeable menu-certified virtual waiter, and can be confident that the order is accurate. It’s what RRT refers to as going “Beyond Takeout.” The turnkey, patented takeout order management software system provides a positive ROI by reducing operational costs, while increasing the number of orders and improving profits by leveraging the feature rich call center, online and mobile ordering platforms all integrated with top POS systems that service a majority of restaurant’s nationally. Visit online at: