Revention Releases Third Party Online Ordering Integration to Point of Sale

Revention Releases Third Party Online Ordering Integration to Point of SaleRevention, a leader in providing custom point of sale solutions to the hospitality industry, has just released a new feature to accept third party online orders from companies like GrubHub and DoorDash.   There are similar integrations offered by third party companies that charge monthly or by transaction for this service.  Revention is providing its new Third Party Online Ordering Connector at no charge for customers who subscribe to the HungerRush online ordering platform.

The Third Party Online Ordering Connector allows HungerRush to accept the order from the third party service and directly sends the order to the Revention point of sale.  The order displays in the point of sale and automatically prints in the kitchen or displays on the kitchen monitor seamlessly like an integrated online order.  Revention also supports the alternative order types and payment methods used with third party online ordering services to easily keep track of the order and payment source.

“Developing this integration was the easiest business decision we ever made,” stated Laura J. Gaudin, Director of Product Management.  “Businesses are already paying a large number of fees to third party online ordering companies for each order received.  Revention does not feel it is in the best interest of the business to charge more money for the same order.  By including the Third Party Online Ordering Connector with HungerRush, Revention customers will save money in labor, significantly improve operational efficiencies and rely on a more streamlined solution.”

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