Rita’s Italian Ice Celebrates the First Day of Spring

Rita's Italian Ice Celebrates the First Day of Spring

Rita’s Offers Free Italian Ice on the First Day of Spring and a Chance to Win a Trip to Miami, FL

Rita's Italian Ice Celebrates the First Day of SpringRita’s Italian Ice will celebrate their 26th annual First Day of Spring celebration on Tuesday, March 20th, with their famous free Italian Ice giveaway. Rita’s 600+ locations combined are expected to give away more than one million cups of their classic Italian Ice. This year’s First Day of Spring will be made even sweeter by Rita’s “excuse” campaign as they search for the best excuse to escape from everyday life and line up with fellow patrons for free Italian Ice, with the winner receiving free Rita’s for a year and the “Ultimate Hooky Trip” to Miami. In addition to the free giveaway, guests can add Rita’s award-winning Frozen Custard to the top of their free Italian Ice for just one dollar.

“We strive to not only serve our guests fresh, delicious Italian Ice, but happiness too,” comments Linda Chadwick, Rita’s President and CEO. “The First Day of Spring, along with a free cup of Rita’s Italian Ice, gives us the perfect opportunity to start the season by bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Guests begin calling two weeks in advance to ensure they don’t miss the fun.”

The three-day, two-night “Ultimate Hooky Trip” to Miami will be awarded to the contestant who posts the best excuse to ditch their daily responsibilities on the First Day of Spring and visit their nearest Rita’s for free Italian Ice. Need to take your goldfish to the vet? Racoon steal your keys? That excuse might not win a year’s worth of free Italian Ice at Rita’s, but you might just get out of work for the First Day of Spring. The contest will be conducted on Rita’s Facebook page, whereupon Rita’s will select three top candidates, then turn the decision over to their audience to select the best excuse, winning them the “Ultimate Hooky Trip” to Miami. All three potential candidates will be awarded a year of Rita’s Italian Ice. For official contest rules, please visit ritasice.com/hookytrip

Originally founded in May, 1984, Philadelphia firefighter Bob Tumolo enhanced his prized family recipe to include real fruit, named the product after his wife Rita, and Rita’s Italian Ice was born. Since then, Rita’s has staked its claim in the frozen treats industry by planting franchises across the country that offer a happy atmosphere, as well as set the standard for fresh and quality- driven Italian Ice.

Rita’s Italian Ice opened its doors in Bensalem, Pa. in 1984, and has been dedicated to spreading “Ice, Custard, Happiness!” ever since. Now with more than 600 locations worldwide, guests around the world visit Rita’s to celebrate their everyday moments with freshly made cool treats in a fun-filled atmosphere. Known for its famous Italian Ice, made daily featuring real fruit, and award-winning Frozen Custard, Rita’s serves a taste of happiness with each delicious treat. For more information about Rita’s Italian Ice, please call 1-800-677-7482 or visit www.ritasice.com.