Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery Launches Easy Guide To Discover New Flavors With Beer & Food Pairings Menu

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery Launches Easy Guide To Discover New Flavors With Beer & Food Pairings Menu

New Menu Defines Five Unique Beer Styles and Guides Guests to the Perfect Pairings

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery Launches Easy Guide To Discover New Flavors With Beer & Food Pairings MenuExploring new beer styles and creating unique food and beer combinations has never been so easy. Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery is introducing a simple guide to its new menu of unique craft beer styles and food pairings, which begins today through June 5. Designed to showcase five unique beer styles, this new menu tool will guide guests as they select a beer style to complement each suggested menu item, including three fan favorites brought back to create the perfect pair. A fun infographic includes beer and food icons to make pairing easy and interactive for guests.

“With craft beer interest at an all-time high, Rock Bottom has created a fun way to experience beers and menu favorites to discover new flavors,” Kevin Reed, Director of Brewery Operations for Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery. “We look forward to showcasing our local brewmasters beer creations at each of our restaurants and cannot wait to hear what our guests have to say when they pair our beers with fan favorites like Firecracker Shrimp.”

Rock Bottom restaurants nationwide will feature a selection of craft beers brewed on-site by local brewmasters. Each restaurant’s brewmaster develops a unique beer in each of the featured beer styles on-site for guests to enjoy. At the start of each meal, guests are encouraged to preview the pairings menu to enhance their experience:

Hoppy – A beer style that balances out spicy foods and helps emphasize specific flavors in dishes. Guests looking for the perfect pair should select Rock Bottom fan favorite, Titan Toothpicks. Styles in this category include IPA (Indian Pale Ale) or pale ale beers, which create an ideal combination with burgers, steaks, poultry and pork.

Wheaty, Fruity & Spicy – This style of beer complements and balances flavors similar to notes in the beer. The chef recommends fan favorite, Firecracker Shrimp, which includes sweet and spicy flavors that will complement this beer style. A range of styles include: wheat/white ales, hefeweizen, fruited wheats and Belgian styles. You can also pair the perfect pint with items such as tacos, salads, shellfish, poultry and breads.

Crisp & Refreshing – Select this type of beer style when looking for a refreshing craft beer that will cleanse the palate and will also complement lighter dishes. The perfect pair is complete with Rock Bottom’s signature Jambalaya dish that has been a fan favorite for 25 years. This style features kölsch, blonde, gold, and light lagers, and is best enjoyed with a slice of pizza, salads, pretzels and the restaurant’s selection of seafood entrées.

Malty – Ready to emphasize a variety of flavors on your plate? Taste Rock Bottom’s selection of malty-styled beers including amber/red ales, brown, Scottish styles or bock to bring out the flavors in smoked, grilled and roasted meats, including burgers and the RB Ale Chicken.

Dark & Roasty – Complement the intensity of meat dishes and sweet chocolate desserts by choosing porters, stouts and schwarzbier to marry all of the flavors in perfect harmony. This style is best enjoyed with grilled meats, steaks, pork, chocolates and desserts such as Rock Bottom’s famous Salted Caramel Toffee Mason Jar dessert.

“More and more of our guests are intrigued by beer and food pairings, and our new pairing guide encourages discovering the sort of flavor interaction that combines your favorite craft beer styles and our classic Rock Bottom menu items,” said Stan Frankenthaler, chief officer of food, brewing, beverage and strategic supply for CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc. “We hope this program will make dining at our restaurants even more exciting for our guests and will allow our local brewmasters to help guests experience their perfect pairings.”

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