Save Room for Dessert this Summer with Friendly’s New Ice Cream Offerings

Friendly's Martian Sundae
Martian Sundae

America’s favorite family restaurant to debut new fruity Super Sundaes

Save Room for Dessert this Summer with Friendly's New Ice Cream OfferingsEveryone scream for ice cream, because Friendly’s Restaurants is launching improved creations with fruity cereal toppings galore, just in time to cool things off this summer. 

Friendly’s newest frozen treats will satisfy every sweet tooth – whether a fan of fruity, chocolatey or even exotic flavors. From Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to real fruit pieces to favorite cereals, the toppings are endless.

Thrilled to make its debut, Friendly’s presents Super Sundaes where guests can enjoy supersized versions of classics like the Jim Dandy. Ice cream lovers can also enjoy the latest and greatest, showstopping sundaes, such as:

  • #SuperSundaeDunk – This breakfast for dessert special includes strawberry milk with layers of Tootie Fruities and scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream a cherry and more Tootie Fruities
  • Raspberry Crunch – Includes layers of Tootie Fruities, pineapple, strawberry, vanilla ice cream and black raspberry ice cream, topped with whipped cream, cherry and more Tootie Fruities
  • Rolled Over Confetti & Friends – Scoops of vanilla ice cream rolled in Fruity Pebbles, topped with whipped cream, cherry and more Fruity Pebbles, on top of a bed of delicious marshmallow sauce, surrounded by pound cake and topped with strawberry topping
  • Vanilla Peachberry Jubilee – This vanilla ice cream treat is topped with peaches, whipped cream and a cherry on a layer of shortcake with peaches and strawberries

“We take pride in our vast selection of ice cream options, ensuring there is a perfect flavor to satisfy everyone’s cravings,” said Friendly’s Restaurants Chief Experience Officer, Roberto De Angelis. “We are thrilled to unveil some new offerings this summer. These new additions are a tantalizing collection of unique and indulgent flavors that will transport your taste buds to a realm of frozen delight.”

Now introducing the ultimate cherry on top – limited-time offer sundaes for July, August and September. This summer lineup includes sensational creations such as:

  • Martian Sundae – For the month of July, this sundae features Friendly’s Strawberry Ice Cream, topped with M&M eyes and horns, a cherry nose, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ears
  • Clown Sundae – Debuting in August, this homage to the circus features creamy vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, confetti sprinkles, a cherry nose, M&M eyes and a sugar cone hat
  • Pirate Sundae – Setting sail in September, this creation consists of vanilla ice cream topped with Reese’s Pieces and Oreos, finished with whipped cream, and adorned with a Reese’s Cup pirate hat

In addition to dessert, guests can elevate their dining experience by indulging in a delectable “Featured Fav,” now all permanent fixtures on the menu. A few of these mouthwatering must-try’s include the Smashed Classic Burger, Pastrami SuperMelt®, Chicken Cheddar Bacon Bomber and Grilled Cheddar Bacon Ranch Quesadilla.

Alongside the debut of Friendly’s new menus, guests over 65 can enjoy 10% off their entire order, announcing a new everyday senior discount from 4-6 pm at participating restaurants.

Friendly’s Restaurants is an iconic American brand serving signature entrées, burgers, sandwiches and handcrafted, specialty ice cream desserts in 130 friendly, full-service restaurants. For over 80 years, Friendly’s Restaurants and their dedicated service teams have delighted generations of guests by offering everyday value on great-tasting food and ice cream creations. Friendly’s Restaurants is a portfolio brand of BRIX Holdings, LLC, a multi-brand restaurant management and franchising company based in Dallas. Friendly’s Restaurants has plans to introduce new and innovative food and ice cream offerings, bright new restaurants and unique ways to reach and satisfy guests.

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