Small Italian Restaurant Spent $14.90 on Ads and Made $3,000 In 3 Days

When you hear results like these you think hard work and a lot of time right?

Well this case was a little different, and one could say almost accidental.

Here is the story.

Pamperful is a company that mainly does social media marketing for Salons and Day Spas.

However one of pamperful’s clients who was good friends with a restaurant owner asked if they could design a promotion for an Italian Restaurant in New York that was experiencing some business threatening down times.

The results:

  • Money spent on Facebook Ads: $14.90
  • Time of campaign: 3 days
  • Offer: 45% off selected 3 course meals with complimentary glass of wine
  • Revenue Generated: $2,839

Pamperful is inviting other restaurants to their free Restaurant Case Study Program.

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Below: Copy of the $3,000 Ad

Small Italian Restaurant Spent $14.90 on Ads and Made $3,000 In 3 Days
Image of the Ad on Facebook

The Restaurant owner was so pleased that she invested more to maintain the campaign.

She admitted that she had done some Groupon deals in the past, but with that model she lost a lot of money upfront and didn’t get the return business she had hoped for.

She said this campaign is different because she now has an email list of people who already experienced her restaurant that she can market to again.

Pamperful’s co-founder O. Bryan, is considering running these campaigns for other restaurants.

He however stated that the company will run some preliminary tests on a sample of restaurants for free before venturing in that space.

These  tests he says will give a good indication of the effectiveness of their signature campaigns for restaurants.

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