Somi Data Reveals Their SuiteServer Application – An Integration App for Point of Sale System

Somi Data Reveals Their SuiteServer Application - An Integration App for Point of Sale System

Somi Data has released the newest method for sending orders through a point-of-sale system without employees having to leave the table, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing a business’ expenses/wasted time. All without replacing your current POS, it’s an app that integrates with your existing system.

Write down a customer’s food order on a piece of paper, then transfer said paper order to a POS terminal, then enter the order into the system so that it can be processed and eventually sent through to the kitchen; the traditional, error prone and tedious restaurant ordering process. To alleviate the issues that come with this process, Somi Data has developed software that allows restaurant employees to easily enter a customer’s order directly from the table to the POS system with just a push of a button; SuiteServertm (from their SuiteOrderstm division).

SuiteServer was engineered through the minds of servers, not only to enhance customer satisfaction, but also to increase a business’ bottom-line. All it takes is downloading the SuiteServer app on a tablet or mobile device to access all the features of the SuiteServer software. Some of these features include;

  • Full POS synchronization with automatic updates for menu item availability and pricing, eliminating a time-consuming and tedious uploading/transferring process.
  • A list of modifiers that can be added to a specific food item, to accommodate to a customer’s exact preferences.
  • A table-side payment option; employees can swipe a customer’s payment method using the tablet/mobile device, saving time from having to return the POS terminal.
  • A ‘Quick Order’ option, giving employees the ability to search the name of a food item, which then brings up a list of food items that match what is typed. The employee can then select it from the list of suggested items, eliminating the process of sifting through different sections of the menu to find the correct item. Instead of typing the order, an employee can also ‘write’ the order on the device with a stylus, and the SuiteServer software will interpret the writing and bring up a list of menu options that match what was written.

The implementation of the stylus ‘Quick Order’ option eliminates the need for paper or pens, without taking away from the ease and familiarity of writing a customer’s order. All of the features of SuiteServer are meant to smooth out the ordering process, which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction and faster table turns. Customers will no longer have to wonder if their food order was sent in; they’ll be able to see it sent in real time.

Somi Data continues to refine the SuiteServer software, improving and streamlining it even further. With several customers already seeing the benefits, SuiteServer is the next “techno-logical” step for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Somi Data is a software company that specializes in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Their horizon of work stretches from software development and web design, mobile application construction, financial and operational reporting, to systems integration. With a team comprised of talented programmers and former restaurant employees, Somi Data seamlessly merges quality and efficiency.  For more information, please visit