Squadle Makes Compliance Data More Actionable with Digital Reporting

Squadle Makes Compliance Data More Actionable with Digital ReportingSquadle Makes Compliance Data More Actionable with Digital ReportingIt’s common knowledge that compliance reporting for restaurants is viewed more as a necessary evil than a mission-critical business task. Regardless of that perception, valuable business data is recorded in those traditional logbooks. Yet, to analyze or act on that data would be nearly impossible. After all, logbooks are thick paper books with hundreds of forms, making it cumbersome for district managers to find the report they’re searching for. For that reason, most logbooks are stored away in warehouses and never looked at.

Squadle, a Boston-based startup offers a digital reporting solution that makes compliance reporting easier for restaurant managers and enables data to be more accessible and actionable for restaurant management stakeholders.

The Squadle technology is focused on three sections: Data collection, data analysis, and action. Squadle’s data collection suite includes a digital logbook, which is a sturdy tablet that includes all of the standard compliance forms that a logbook does, as well as give restaurants the freedom to create their own customer forms to suit their particular needs. The tablet is synchronized with a cloud-based analytics dashboard that makes compliance data easy to access and analyze.

Squadle’s mission is to also make this data actionable and save restaurants time. Through real-time notifications, daily reports,and internal communication tools, Squadle enables stakeholders to know what is happening, or isn’t happening, at any time. Managers define what is appropriate and can append rules to each task in the system. Settings allow alert messages to be sent out immediately to management when certain rules are broken.

“I founded Squadle to scratch my own itch, essentially,” says Founder Brendan Bencharit, who owns a successful hookah lounge in Brighton, MA. “Compliance reporting is such a pain for restaurant owners, and we still didn’t have any insight into how the store is doing from an operations standpoint. Squadle will be invaluable to businesses like mine and other multi-unit operations.”

Customers agree. So far, Squadle has secured business with several key brands, including Sonic Drive-In and IHOP.

“As a restaurant, we have to do certain things and record certain things to stay compliant. If we don’t have that stuff done, the health department can come and fine us, or even shut us down. We have to be compliant or we won’t be in business. Squadle helps us stay on track,” says Darren Chu, CEO of Keystone Restaurant Group, which owns and runs 10 Sonic Drive-Ins in Southern California.

In addition to the advantages of the accountability with Squadle, Chu notes that Squadle has cut reporting time in half for his restaurants, which allows his managers to direct their energy to customers.

To learn more about Squadle or sign up for a demo, visit Squadle.com