Taco Bell’s Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos Available Nationwide

Taco Bell's Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos Available Nationwide

If you thought Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos (DLT) were awesome, then Cool Ranch DLTs just may be epic. Thanks to fans of Taco Bell and Doritos Cool Ranch flavored chips, the upcoming arrival of Cool Ranch DLT has been more “liked,” “shared” and talked about by consumers than any other Taco Bell product in its history. And today, Thursday, March 7, Taco Bell announces that Cool Ranch DLT reaches restaurants nationwide.

Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed underlined the excitement and momentum of the new product: “We have heard the pleas for Cool Ranch DLT and we’re thrilled to see our fans responses on Facebook, Twitter and Vine to our announcement of the launch date – sharing comments like ‘we will camp out’ and ‘my wish came true,’” said Creed. “This will be Taco Bell’s biggest product launch of 2013!”

Taco Bell plans to support the Cool Ranch DLT launch with its largest marketing campaign in history, topping that of the original Nacho Cheese DLT. The company plans on an integrated marketing and consumer engagement effort that includes advertising (television, radio, outdoor, digital and cinema), as well as social and public relations support.

Taco Bell’s Largest Product Marketing To Date

The early marketing of Cool Ranch DLT was centered on helping insiders and social fanatics Live Más, by providing unique opportunities to try the new flavor first. Over the last three weeks, Taco Bell has given select fans a sneak peek at the new taco, holding password-only events in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles. The speakeasy-like insider trials rewarded fans that had been clamoring for the flavor for a year, since the original – Nacho Cheese DLT – hit, selling more than 350 million and becoming the most successful product launch in the 51-year history of the brand.

Taco Bell also listened to real-time social conversations and rewarded passionate fans asking for Cool Ranch DLT daily by providing “epic deliveries” to give them an early taste. A few examples included: a New York delivery to a woman who asked Taco Bell to be her Valentine; in Minneapolis, a university student brought together enough friends and family to finish 1,000 Cool Ranch DLTs; and, in Seattle, a YouTube personality got a surprise delivery of Cool Ranch DLTs after an exchange on Twitter with Taco Bell and her posting a special request video on her channel. All fans can join in the conversation by tweeting @TacoBell using #CoolRanchDLT and staying tuned to youtube.com/tacobell.

Continuing to look to consumers to help tell the Taco Bell story, the TV ads were also inspired by fans’ responses to DLT and demand for a Cool Ranch version. One 30-second launch spot, titled “World’s Most Obvious Idea,” illustrates everyday consumer reactions to Nacho Cheese DLT, saying “they should make a Cool Ranch one.” Two 15-second spots – titled “Wow” and “Duh” feature the reaction of fans and celebrities as they get their hands on the new taco for the first time. These fans include all-pro basketball player Kevin Love, lifecaster/web host iJustine (Justine Izarik), online actor/comedian/musician Shane Dawson and comedian/vlogger/gamer Toby Turner.

The “World’s Most Obvious Idea” and “Wow” versus “Duh” ads were created by Deutsch, Los Angeles and, DraftFCB, respectively. Taco Bell will support the Cool Ranch DLT launch and sustain efforts with several other ads, which can be seen at youtube.com/tacobell as they become available.

In addition, on all Cool Ranch DLT wrappers, cups and $5 Big Boxes, Taco Bell will be inviting fans to post to Instagram or Tweet their best #wow or #duh face – using those specific hashtags, followed by #CoolRanchDLT – for the chance to see their photo reactions on a big screen billboard in Times Square.